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Some people see the glass half empty and others, like me, see it as half full. Yet it’s the same glass! People who see it as half empty wonder why I attract more. They think I must be lucky. But I know it has nothing to do with luck. It’s all about the perspective you put on a circumstances. Your view of situations puts a positive or negative spin on it, hence half empty or half full. It’s YOUR choice. A positive spin is a much better one!

Your perspective on a situation sends a strong message to the Law of Attraction.

You can have a perspective about something that’s happening or a roadblock you see coming or disappointments or anything else can has 2 sides. You may not see 2 sides if you’re negative about it. Many people look at the gloomier one. That sets your expectations to gloomy. For example, if the sun isn’t shining brightly, some people call it a nasty day. I call it nice. It would be nicer to have more sunshine but it’s still nice.

A positive perspective puts you into a better mood.

Yet it seems easier to many people to assume the worst or take a negative perspective in any situation that isn’t perfect. Many things can be right but they focus on what’s wrong. That’s why so many women with decent bodies lament to confused friends and romantic partners that they’re fat. Each time they reinforce the negatives of being fat as their loved ones scratch their heads, trying to figure out what she sees, since she’s not fat; she just not perfectly thin. When I was a DoorMat, all I saw was my cellulite when I looked in the mirror. Even with my clothes on, I had x-ray vision and saw it through my clothes. It blinded me to all my good features. I was fat and that was it. It also said I was no good, and attracted negative situaitons.

Fat blindness is a common perspective that blinds some of us to our good qualities.

When the temperature dropped sharply in NY, it was still sunny. Someone called and asked if I was going out in the miserable weather. Miserable? I looked outside again since this person lived near me. I thought maybe a freak dark cloud had messed up the day. But there it was—the sun shining brightly. I asked how she could call this day with bright, clear blue skies miserable? Her response was, “It’s too cold.” Yes it was cold, near freezing, but it was such a pretty day otherwise.

People let one piece of a situation set their perspective on everything.

My friend doesn’t like cold weather. Calling the day miserable made her miserable. She felt down. I asked if she liked the sun. Yes, she did. I suggested she edit her perspective. It was a gorgeous day but the temperature was lower than she liked. Appreciate the sunshine and wish for higher temps. It lightened her mood! She’d been so focused on the cold that she ignored the beautiful day. Her negative attitude had attracted more negatives. All of a sudden, acknowledging the sunshine put her in a better mood!

Dag Hammerskjold said, “Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was.

I’ve actually climbed mountains that seemed impossible for me but let go of that perspective by focusing on taking one step at a time. It’s okay to acknowledge that something looks hard. But to pointedly assess it with a hardcore negative attracts more negativity and makes you unlikely to have an open-minded perspective. My friend began to appreciate the sunshine though she still hated the cold. The day wasn’t miserable anymore—just too cold.

Often situations look much worse before they happen. Making a point of looking for something positive about it.

We hold ourselves back by jumping to a negative perspective and attracting the results of our thoughts. I talked to someone who told me that some negative things happened to her in a row. Her perspective? “I’m jinxed!” I told her not to keep saying that but her perspective was fixed on that. No matter how hard I tried to convince her to let go of that thought, she was more convinced it was true.

When I saw her a few weeks later, she gloated that she’d been proven right—her company was moving far away and she was out of a job. Now she had to move because her landlord raised her rent higher than she expected and yada, yada. “So I am jinxed” she “triumphantly” told me. Is being jinxed something to be happy about? Yet her joy was in proving her perspective correct. I told her her determination to remain jinxed attracted more things going wrong. the Law of Attraction sends you what your thoughts expect.

Being right about a negative is wrong! Why gloat over attracting bad circumstances!?

Instead, try climbing the mountain. See it as hard but not impossible. Catch yourself when you have negative thoughts or negative statements about something and try to edit your perspective a bit. I had a string of negatives happen but instead of succumbing to them, I affirmed that today is the first day of my life and I choose to have things go well from hereon in. And they did!

The more negative your perspective, the more negative your circumstances will be.

Do you have a stuffed nose and keep saying that you’re sick? I stop people from doing that often. When I have a stuffy nose, even if it makes me feel miserable, I say I just have a stuffed nosed. People have told me I must be sick. I deny it! Saying you’re sick attracts more illness. I recover fast when my perspective is healthy with a stuffed nose or some other thing that isn’t feeling right. Have you stopped at someone’s house and think it looks nice as she utters, “My place is a mess!” Something is out of place yet it’s a mess now. It’s unfair to you when you say these kinds of things and it makes you unhappy and it attracts more negatives to that situation.

Be more vigilant of your perspective and you can prevent yourself from manifesting what you don’t want more of.

It also keeps you in a better mood. Look for the silver lining when you don’t like what’s going on or what you anticipate. When we recently had a string of nasty weather, I didn’t like it. I began to feel lousy with the weather. Then I decided it gave me an excuse to do things I was putting off indoors to be outdoors. When I lamented about not being able to go running, I decided that my knees could use a break and this forced me to have one. They felt better when the weather cleared and I ran again, so it was a good thing to give them a break. As my perspective brightened, so did my circumstance. You can do this too by being conscious. It’s nicer to be happy EVERY day, not just when everything is perfect!

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