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How do you respond to annoying incidents? Do you let your job get to you and other people can feel it by your behavior? When someone makes a mistake, do you bristle and growl at them? Does your job get to you so much that it shows in how you speak to others?

An irritable reaction to circumstances can attract irritable spirits from others.

I admit that I do this. Things take their toll, especially if we’re stressed. I might be in a hurry and someone gets in my way and I want to smack them. While I don’t, I sometimes smack them with a look or sound. Then I feel irritable. And the person who got in my way may feel irritable from my nasty look or comment. Last week, 2 incidents made me more conscious of how we affect others and why it’s better to be positive about negative stuff.

Our moods can be like a virus that spreads from person to person.

Last week I called my health insurance company with a problem about billing. I’m used to a fairly low energy person answering. Instead, the woman was perky and friendly. I was actually taken aback and said responded that it was so nice to hear a cheerful person. She said that it was better to feel happy than down. Her voice was like a song compared to others I’ve spoken to. The rest of our interaction put me into a fantastic mood and I gave her back the same good energy. I was a bit tired when I called but hung up feeling better.

Positive energy attracts positive energy.

I am usually in a reasonably good mood and became more conscious of how it affects those around me. I’m always friendly to the people who work in my building and they’re very friendly and helpful to me. When I first moved in, I thought they were that way to everyone, but noticed they were more low-key with many of the tenants. One person would get a formal hello and then I’d come in behind them and say hi and get a big smile, because my energy attracts it.

Consciousness about how you treat others, and making an effort to treat them with good vibes, brings good vibes back to you.

Not long after my call to the friendly woman, I was riding on the subway with a lot of bags. When I got up to get off, a woman came toward me. I didn’t see her in time to avoid knocking my bags into her. I immediately said, “I’m sorry” in a sincere way and was delighted when she gave me a big smile and said, “no problem. It was an accident.” I’ve growled at people for doing that to me and probably put them into a bad mood. Yet this woman’s graciousness brought a smile to my face.

Being on the receiving end of good energy has shown me how important it is to be friendly and courteous to others, and keep a bad mood in check.

Graciousness can be contagious. And can spread it to others. When I give good cheer on the phone, I almost always get it back from that person, and others. If I force a good attitude when someone accidentally does something annoying, it make what happened easier to deal with and often attracts a smile from the other person. Being on the receiving end of it was a great reinforcement for treating people with a pleasant demeanor and excusing faults.

Calling a customer service person with a friendly attitude can attract a lot better service.

Any time you show friendliness makes YOU feel better. Be aware of your response. Grouchy doesn’t feel good. Growling can get growls in return. Graciousness gives you the best chance of attracting it back. It also feels better to give out. The more you consciously do it, the more it will become a natural part of your demeanor. A good demeanor towards others will truly make you feel happier. It sure has for me!

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