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We know the importance of putting out clear intentions about what you want or need. But, it’s not always as easy as knowing. Yes, you can give lip service about what you want but that doesn’t do the job if your conscious, or even your subconscious is screaming with doubts. People have told me they can’t manifest when they can’t get over their fear or uncertainty. But you can!

Even when your thoughts aren’t aligned for manifesting, you can ask for help and get what you need.

I understand that manifesting isn’t easy. While I write about it and use it a lot, I still encounter blocks of my own doing. Everyone does. There have been times that I was waiting for important career news and was scared it wouldn’t go my way. I’d be worried about getting it and even more worried that I was worried which would therefore keep me from attracting what I wanted.

Sometimes when it’s very important to get what you need, fear of something bad happening or not getting the essential outcome can cloud your intentions and send the wrong message.

For example, you may be waiting to hear back about if you got the umpteenth job you interviewed for. You need this one. It’s been hard not getting all the others. You have bills to pay and money is fading. So you HAVE TO get this job. But, the pressure takes your thoughts to a place of panic or assuming you won’t get this one either since all the others fell through. You may assume that this will deflect the Law of Attraction in the wrong direction and make you feel like it’s hopeless to manifest the job if you can get those demons out of your head. WRONG!

Instead of asking for the job or whatever else you need, ask for help getting over the negative feelings first.

In the past I’d get the negative feelings and succumb to acceptance that I probably wouldn’t get what I wanted, since things had fallen through before. It became my pattern, just as it can if you’re trying to get a job you desperately need. It can seem super hard to pull out of that mindset. It did for me until I learned to deal with what was happening in the moment—negative thoughts about what I hoped to manifest.

Now I apologize to God for doubting His support, explain that I do trust but am just scared since what I need is important, and ask for support in getting beyond those doubts.

I’ve had real conversations out loud, explaining that my faith is strong but I’m scared because____, don’t want to feel that way, do want to move past the doubts, so please help me manifest. Acknowledging it out loud helps put it into perspective and I begin to feel more empowered quickly. Then I keep saying thanks for understanding that even though I may sound a bit unsure, I truly believe I should get what my intention put out.

I often get signs that God is listening. Unexpected good things happen. You must be vigilant and open to accepting little things as signs.

Last week I had a setback with a book I’m writing. A bit of fear hit me as I worried the deal would fall through. I asked God for a sign that He heard me. When I got my mail later, there was a check for $300 from my insurance company, saying their expenses were lower than expected so here’s some money back! Hello! When does a profit making company send money back???

I still don’t understand why I got it, except that God orchestrated a mini-miracle to answer me.

When I tell people that, they laugh and tell me it’s my imagination. Maybe it is but when I prefer to see these kind of instances as God talking to me, my mental demons start to fade and my thoughts become more positive as I exalt in feeling God’s support. Imagination or not, it helps me get into a more manifesting frame of mind, so bring on the imagination incidents! They do the job! [FYI: No joke, as I wrote this, my lamp next to me went off for no reason but turned right back on. Hmmmm….]

Illness is a situation that can be especially scary and make it hard to manifest.

Someone close to me has—NO, had—cancer. He endured major surgery and then 4 weeks of chemo and radiation. It’s scary. We can’t lose him. Period! But yesterday I talked to his wife. Soon he’ll be getting a PET scan to see if they got it all. She’s nervous, which can’t be avoided. This is a life I’m talking about, not finding a job or romance. It’s hard not to get scared about losing your life partner.

But it’s okay to be scared. Actually, it’s normal. But you can still acknowledge it and ask for support in getting through the fear.

His wife wakes up during the night with thoughts about his cancer recurring. I told her to immediately say thanks for his good health. The demons can haunt her. I advised her to keep the word cancer out of her thoughts altogether. In a recent post called Positive Words I explained how you shouldn’t use negative words in your intentions. So instead of avowing that her husband is cancer-free, I advised she just affirm that his health gets better every day. Whenever the demons get into her head, ask for the strength to get past them and for support despite them.

As I keep putting out my intentions and acknowledging my fear, the more empowered I feel.

Next time you feel nervous about something you want, acknowledge that you can’t help feeling nervous, that you truly want to believe and do in most ways, and why you need what you’re asking for. Then ask for support in getting it, even with the doubts. As this begins to work, you’ll have less and less doubts to get in the way of getting what you want. Let the Law of Attraction help you exorcise your demons to get what you want.

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