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The economy has been bad for a while. That’s true! Many people are out of work. that’s true too! Prices are going up. The news media spreads the hype that we’re going through tough times. I hear people, even those with good jobs, talking about what tough times we’re having. Even people on TV talk shows, who have to be making a better than average salary are talking about having to cut back like it’s a real bad problem.

You’re having a tough time IF you choose to have one.

It’s hard not to feel the pinch, even if nothing has changed in your economic world if tough times are discussed so much. There are constantly segments on TV about how to budget and find ways to get through these tough times. I often turn the channel when they come on. Of course I like to know how to save money. That’s always good. But I don’t like the message that comes with the tips—that we’re living in tough times.

These are only tough times if you think of them as tough times! And if you do, the Law of Attraction will reinforce it for you.

During times when people around you seem to be struggling, do what you can to keep negative expectations out of your world. Even if you lose your job, expect to find something better. I’ve spoken to people who’ve had this happen. Some talk like their life is over. “Oh woe is me!” “What will I do?” They immerse themselves in the tough times and attract more tough times.

Every situation can be gotten through when you put out a positive vibration of expecting good things to come, even in the face of adversity.

I know it’s hard. I’ve been there. That’s why I considered my #1 blessing to be the strong faith I have that everything will work out. I don’t have a job. I rely on getting book deals, speaking gigs and counseling clients. Once when my checking account was empty and I had no work, I automatically went into panic mode. But I caught myself fast. I KNOW with all my heart that I have a steady income. So I cleaned to feel back in control like I discussed in my Law of Attraction in Action: Control post. Then I expected to get something good. Two new books to write came to me at once the next week!

Stressing out over the economy shows a lack of faith. And it makes you more unhappy.

Why do that to yourself? Instead, be more loving, take some deep breaths, and work on creating a strong vibration to show the Universe you intend to get what you need. When I needed an income, I screamed affirmations with joy. Over and over! I made it clear that my intention was strong and I wasn’t worried because I expected to get what I needed.

“I have the income I need from whatever source is best for my highest good!”

There are still jobs to be had. How you CHOOSE to view your situation determines where you land. I have a friend who’s been out of work for a while. She collected unemployment as she did a job search in this tighter job market. She also got some freelance work to help out. Never once did I see her lose her positive attitude. She went on one interview after another, only to find 20 other candidates were fighting for the one job.

Laurie continued to do her best, certain that she was okay and would get a job when the time and position were right.

Her unemployment was about to run out but she hung in with a smile and relaxed attitude. In this time that many see as tough, Laurie landed her dream job. It was a perfect fit for her, a good salary, and she loves the work. While others sit home lamenting about tough times, and bringing them on with their thoughts, others are finding great opportunities.

It YOUR choice how to spin the economy in your head. Tough, challenging or full of new opportunities?

My world hasn’t been hit by the “tough times.” I still live as usual. Some people see the way I live as on edge, since I don’t have a steady paycheck. I don’t at all! The week before I finished up my last book, I looked up and said I was ready for the next one. The next day I got a call to write the most prestigious book of my career—so far! It’s a challenge but I’m up for it. When you have faith, life flows with good in your direction!

Living within your means doesn’t have to be tough!

Prices have gone up dramatically here in NYC. But it hasn’t really affected my lifestyle. I’ve changed some habits that save money and have been good for me too! For example, I always eat out of the weekend. I don’t drink a lot of coffee during the week but always had several cups in restaurants. So I cut them out. It’s better for my health and compensates for the increased cost of my meal. I no longer miss it and have some before or after that I make myself.

Saving money can also be healthy!

I’ve actually cut back on my portions of meat which saves money . I didn’t consciously do that to save money. It just seemed healthier to eat less meat so I do now. And it’s helped me to slowly trim my weight. To me that’s a win/win situation! I save money and calories.

Don’t let the media convince you that you’re living in tough times. They may be tough all around you but don’t have to be in your little corner of the world!

Count your blessings, do positive affirmations and keep expecting good things, even miracles! You can create a secure environment in an insecure world if you expect it. Remember, the Law of Attraction will bring you whatever you think, so think happy, prosperous times and finding new ways to live a great life!

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