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Summer is officially over, even though the calendar says differently. Outdoor pools are closing, even though it’s still warm, most people are done with vacations, shorter workdays are over and traffic in NYC has gone from minimal to bumper to bumper. I went on my run in Central Park this morning, lamenting about how quiet it was Monday and how crowded it is today.

Last week I talked about how September brings new beginnings for me. That seems to get into gear right after Labor Day. I’ve been saying spiritual affirmations all weekend, preparing to get into gear. I have a lot on my plate and needed to get busier. I tend to slow down in the summer. So I put myself into God’s hands and watched for the signs from Him with expectation. I said I was ready to break out and move forward.

People complain that they ask for things or put out expectations but get nothing. I ask if they’re watching for signs that their message is being heard.

They act like I’m crazy. What kind of signs?? Why aren’t they getting what they want?! Not recognizing the signs we get can make them think they’re not being heard and they give up. That tells the Law of Attraction that they’ve given up and no longer expect what they want. So they don’t get it.

Many people continue to try manifesting and end up empty-handed and disillusioned because they have blinders on.

Your higher spiritual power hears you and sends signals that you’re being heard, especially when you ask for them. It usually comes through experiences. But you have to watch for them and have enough faith to recognize them. Something can happen that you didn’t expect or small things can happen like all the traffic lights turn green when they never do. These signals are usually small, unless you ask for some bigger ones. When I’ve been scared or down about my career, I get quadruple the number of fan letters I normally get about my books. Whenever I recognize a sign, I look up and say thanks! Then I get more.

I call these God’s version of being my cheerleader, as they are reminders that God is here for me. They say, “You go Daylle!” They always spur me on!

As I ran yesterday AM, I asked for unexpected miracles, right here and right now. And I asked for signs that God was hearing me, as I needed a good spiritual kick!

When I got home, things started to go right. The elevator was waiting for me (one side has been out of service and it can take ages for it to come). I had an answer to an email that I needed. Then there were some odd signs that most people would laugh at but I’m enlightened enough to recognize them. For example, I love to play the video game Bejeweled 2 with my coffee as it helps make me alert for the day. This morning I hit one of my highest scores on the first try as I asked God for more signs. As I talked to Him while playing, much more bells and whistles than I usually see went off. Coincidence say the skeptics? I don’t care.

I KNOW it was God letting me know he was with me as everything on the board fell into place in ways it rarely does. I got excited, with my expectations going up a notch.

Later in the day I was doing some chores and threw the TV on. Deal or No Deal was on. They choose contestants by spinning a roulette wheel with 25 numbers. As it went round and round, I saw my lucky number 4 go by over and over and spontaneously asked God to let me know He was supporting me in what I needed by having the 4 chosen. The wheel spun a few more times and landed on 4! Even I was blown away by that! Coincidence? When they did it on the next show to choose the next contestant, 4 was chosen again! I got more revved and kept expecting more.

Messages from the Universe come through experiences and it’s up to you to recognize them.

The more things you recognize, the more you’ll look for and find them. Maybe it’s all in my head as some skeptics say, but my head is where all manifesting begins! Maybe it’s wishful thinking. But, I keep manifesting when it happens so it works!

There are signs big and small. They all speak to you if you listen! I’m so motivated, feeling God on my shoulder in many ways. When you need support, ask for experiences that you can’t miss to show you’re being heard. Then watch for them and be open-minded to how they come. They will if you EXPECT and recognize them as such. I WANT you to experience your own miracles, so please try this!

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