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Last week I talked about how we sabotage making our dreams come true by putting out the wrong message to the Law of Attraction. I hear clients, friends, people I work with, etc., make excuses for not doing what they say they want. They often tell me I just don’t understand, but I do, only too well. I spent many years yearning to get out of DoorMatville but couldn’t budge to leave. My excuses were too strong. They were the Crazy Glue that kept my feet stuck so I couldn’t make the moves I knew I should.

Excuses tell the Law of Attraction that you’re not ready for what you say you want.

It is sooooooo easy to find excuses for not doing stuff. I was a master at it. Fear can make you a master at it. You may see what you want in front of you and get scared of going for it or scared of actually manifesting more. If you’re not confident in your ability to handle what you want, excuses are a perfect way to postpone making moves.

The trouble is, the more you postpone by making excuses, the more you buy into the excuses and the more they become your reality.

Each time you express an excuse for not moving forward or doing something you would—deep down—love to do, the vibes for not doing it get stronger as the Law of Attraction does its thing. Each excuse strengthens the glue that keeps you stuck as they become your reality. I’ve seen that most excuses are only copouts for being scared or not wanting to try to do something and noticed some common ones:

* “It’s not the right time to do it.” NOW is usually the right time. But if you’re scared or doubtful, you think it’s not right. That attracts more reasons for it not being the right time. It’s so easy to postpone dreams and hard to find the right time. There will always be obstacles, no matter when you do it. But people bring their dreams to fruition every day. I sure do! Work on the fears or doubts and then take a step. If you have a family to support, it might not be the right time to quit your job, but you can set the wheels in motion to find a new one. Then you can quit. The right time to begin taking a baby step toward your goal is NOW!

* “I have no idea how to start a business, even though I believe my idea would work.” That’s what books and classes are for. There’s very little that you may want to do that doesn’t have a book, class or person for private lessons. If you really want to do something, learn how and then do it! I had no idea of how to start a record label but went to seminars and hired a consultant to teach me. My label was successful for 5 years! Lack of know-how is not a legit excuse, especially not with what the Internet offers!

* “I have too much on my plate.” I always say that if you can’t make time for something, you don’t really want it. I’ve been working constantly to finish the book I just turned in. But when I got an offer to write another very exciting one, I immediately agreed and rearranged my plate a little. That’s why I didn’t write my blog recently. If your dream is something you truly want, figure out how to give it some priority, even if it takes baby steps and more time than you’d like. Doing nothing will make reaching that goal take a lot longer.

* “I’m afraid to fail.” Well it certainly won’t happen if you don’t try! So what are you losing? Worrying about failing before you even start sabotages your dreams. Faith counters that. When you accept in your heart that the Law of Attraction supports your intentions, you have NO reason to worry about failure. Worrying about failure attracts failure or inaction and tells the Universe you don’t believe it will happen. Then it doesn’t!

* “I don’t know where to begin.” Take the first, teeniest baby step for achieving your goal. Learn what you need, ask for advice, write down what needs to be done. Then ask your spiritual source for guidance. Whenever I don’t know where to begin, I ask God to show me the best path for my highest good. Then I remain on high alert so I don’t miss an opportunity. I’ve seen something in a magazine that triggered awareness of what to do. Or I hear from someone who can help me. The signs may be subtle but they do come if you’re alert to them. I always get what I need to get something done.

* “I want to ____ but I don’t feel ready to do it.” You ARE ready–from the moment you CHOOSE to be–by putting what you need out to the Universe and EXPECTING it to happen. Put yourself into God’s or the Universe’s hands with confidence, as I do now. The more I do, the more it’s reinforced that I get back my intentions. Things ALWAYS work out when I LET them IF I have faith they will. The Law of Attraction doesn’t let me down, if I don’t let myself down by having doubts. That’s a lovely way to live! My faith gets stronger each time I reach a physical or mental destination at just the right time.

You have the power to manifest and manifest and manifest if you cut the excuses and send the right thoughts out so the Law of Attraction can work with you. Excuses set the Law of Attraction to work against your desires, since it attracts what you think, not what you want. I think about what I want and get it! You can too if you stop making excuses, set positive intentions and let God/the Universe help you. Dropping the excuses tells the Law of Attraction that you’re ready!

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