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I have a friend who always says he can’t fix anything and hires people to do them. He’s sure he’ll break the wall if he tries to put a hook in it. I’ve tried to show him how to do simple things but he continues to sabotage his efforts by saying over and over that he’ll mess it up. Guess what happens? Yep, he messes it up, by attracting what he expected.

Believing that you can’t do something reinforces your inability to do it. The Law of Attraction supports you in screwing it up.

Most of us grew up with at least some limitations on what we can or can’t do. You may be too big to model, not smart enough to get a top job, not talented enough to do art, no handy enough to fix things. That mentality carries into other areas of your life and can make you feel somewhat out of control. Worst of all, it keeps you from trying to do those things without the mental restrictions.

If your parent or teacher or friend or the media told you what you can’t do, you carry that belief into adulthood.

My advisor in high school told me I was best suited to be someone’s wife and discredited my lofty dreams. She said I couldn’t do business or have a real career. The DoorMat in me believed her and studied Liberal Arts, which prepared me for nothing I wanted to do. But I couldn’t have a business career because my advisor said that.

It’s YOUR choice to make your thoughts positive or self-defeating.

Even if you were never able to do something before, trying it with expectations of success can make it happen! You can get someone to show you how, take a class, or just use determination, and your thoughts, to conquer it. Whatever you think becomes your reality.

* If you think you can’t, you can’t. Saying this takes away the option of learning to do something or overcoming a handicap. Thinking you can’t closes the door to overcoming what kept you from doing it before. It keeps you stuck in victim mode and dependent on others, like my friend who pays people to do what he could do himself.

* If you think you can, you can. That doesn’t mean you will. But it opens the door to possibilities. Thinking you can makes it possible. It says you’re willing to try your best and there’s a decent chance that you’ll succeed. “I can” can get you to “I will.”

* If you know you will, you will! There are 2 key words here—KNOW and WILL. Knowing is stringing than thinking, which still has doubt. WILL is the most definite. You can think you can do something but it doesn’t mean you will. It may happen but also may not. WILL sets your intention to it happening. It has no doubt.

WILL tells the Law of Attraction to bring it on!

The remote control for my VCR hasn’t worked well in a while. I finally went to Radio Shack and bought a universal one. The guy in the store wasn’t sure how to work it. The instructions weren’t clear and he said I’d have to try to figure it out on my own, or return it. I had no choice. The instructions were useless. At first I thought it wouldn’t do what I needed. Programming the remote was confusing. But I needed it to work and decided I’d figure out how to do it.

I said in a very determined voice, “I WILL make this work for me!”

A friend called during this and said, “Oh, I couldn’t program that remote.” There you go! Say you can’t and you can’t. I knew she couldn’t do it but also knew that I WOULD! I brought all my logic together, played with the buttons, said positive affirmations, “I WILL program this sucker,” and a few minutes later, it was programmed. I was proud of myself and immediately looked up and said thanks. It seemed impossible at first. I’m not tech inclined. But when I decided I WOULD program it, something in me changed.

I almost felt the invisible force of the Law of Attraction working with me! Knowing I have that support for my thoughts gave me the confidence to make it happen.

Catch yourself when you say you can’t do something that you actually would like to do. Ask yourself why not? See if you can change the possibility to “maybe I can.” Then take a leap and affirm “I WILL.” YOU determine whether you can or can’t do by your thoughts. Why not use them to help you!? ?

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