My last post addressed how the Law of Attraction fuels Murphy’s Law when you allow yourself to be immersed in things going wrong and your thoughts expect more things to go wrong. It’s funny because writing that post, made me realize that lately I’ve been on edge waiting for more negative stuff to hit.

I have a book due in July that needs my attention. I have an article to write that’s due next week for a magazine I’ve always wanted to write for. My first assignment for them! But I can’t get to it! With 2 new books, promotion opportunities can be draining. Everyone needs something from me! I haven’t had time to write this blog. Emails from people who’ve read my book pile up in my inbox. Just when I think I can do some writing, I get requests for more things that are needed immediately.

A lot of my time is drained trying to support my family through health issues. My brother-in-law is going through a major fight against cancer. This week my daughter had a last minute surgery. She’s fine now but I had to help her out. My allergies kicked in on Monday. I haven’t been sleeping well since I’ve been so stressed about not having time for what I need to do. I got sick last weekend.

Yada Yada Yada! After writing my post, I heard myself talking to someone about it all and hated how I sounded. I was bringing it on with my thoughts!

And so I followed the suggestions I wrote about. I became aware and decided to stop the pattern. Last Wednesday, I affirmed that this is the first minute of the rest of my life and I CHOOSE to have everyone in my family, myself included have positive health and healing.

No more health issues that aren’t going well!

I also affirmed that my schedule is lightening and I’ll get everything done that I need to. So I’m finding time to write this post and will do my best to continue. My primary focus is the book I’m writing. Will spend most of my time on that today. But I’m focused on attracting good news and good actions. No more Murphy’s Law in my own life! After I affirmed this, I began to feel better and sleep better. My daughter’s surgery went well and she came right home.

Yesterday I had to to speak upstate and drove up in a car I borrowed. I love to drive. Living in Manhattan I don’t need a car so this was a treat! Driving gives me a chance to get my thoughts together. It relaxes me. Afterward I took advantage of shopping opportunities. We don’t have Walmart, Target and many other chain stores that people assume are everywhere. They were all within half a mile of each other so I had a shopping frenzy. Got a lot of things I wanted from these stores.

Manhattan may have lots of designer shops, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor, etc., but there aren’t places to get some of the basics easily, like thread or potting soil.

Having a car allowed me to get things I can’t bring home when I visit a friend who lives out of the city and we shop. Even though I was tired on the way home, I even stopped in IKEA to get a chair I’ve been wanting. When I returned to the city, I used affirmations to attract a good parking spot by my apartment. It’s hard to find one on a Saturday evening but I expected one and there it was, first time around the block. Just found out that my brother-in-law doesn’t start the next phase of his cancer treatment till June so I’ll have three weeks of calm on that front to focus on my writing.

My post on Murphy’s Law reminded me to follow my own lessons. It opened my eyes that I needed to change my thoughts, and I did!

People often think I know it all and follow all the lessons religiously. But if that were true, I wouldn’t call myself a recovering DoorMat, I’d be a former one. Anyone can backslide when things get tough. It’s easy to hurt yourself without realizing it if you’re wallowing in self pity or feeling completely overwhelmed like I’ve been. I’m grateful that I woke up and even more grateful to be consciously connecting to God very strongly again. I’ve been too tired to think about it. Unlike the old DoorMat, even when I fall back into old patterns, my self-love is strong and helps me recover fast.

Today really is the first minute of the rest of my life and I CHOOSE to have only positive experiences and health for both me and my family!

Since I declared this on Wednesday, I did a corporate talk that went over super well (I’m still hearing from the attendees!), my daughter is fine, I feel healthier, I just got booked to speak on a big national radio show, and I came home yesterday more relaxed than in ages. Watch your thoughts and if they aren’t positive, take charge and change them! You really do control your own destiny and how many goodies you receive. I’m in oink mode now–wanting as much as I can possibly manifest–and working on my thoughts to manifest with a vengeance. You can too! ? Join me!

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