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It’s all over the news—the swine flu scare. Is it a dangerous epidemic? Or worse, a pandemic? People are panicking. They’re wearing masks. Schools are closed. The newspapers and TV outlets are having a field day with this story. But, is it really necessary?

Absolutely NO! The news media plants these thoughts in out heads and pushes us to send the fear of contracting swine flu out to the Universe. That’s what stimulates the Law of Attraction to help it spread.

The panic that the swine flu scare creates attracts more panic. Thinking about the flu attracts more.

The regular flu kills many thousands of people a year. One estimate I heard was it averaged 500 people a week dying in the U.S. from flu related illness. We have flu going around every year. The cases of swine flu in the U.S. have been mild. Right now there aren’t that many and it isn’t spreading as fast as the media would like you to think. Yet the news builds up the scare and we buy into it. Nobody likes getting the flu but it’s normal for it to go around. This one doesn’t seem any worse than what’s gone around before, but never before has technology made it so easy to spread information—and fear.

Yet as we hear the flu isn’t spreading fast and the people who have it are recovering easily, there’s panic going on. All the media hype keeps it alive in your mind. It’s hard to get away from it but I try to. I mute reports and change the radio or TV channel if there’s another special on swine flu. I already know that I won’t get it, since it’s my intention not to. I have strong faith that the Law of Attraction will support this.

People tend to overreact to situations that are built way out of proportion by the media. But collectively, they help the Law of Attraction to spread the flu.

Or, collectively, you can help the Law of Attraction to stop it from spreading with your intentions.

My drugstore in midtown Manhattan has face masks prominently placed for sale. I see people wearing them in the street. Swine flu continues to dominate the news. School districts are closing schools for a week or two. Everywhere people talk about this illness like it’s deadly. Some people stopped shaking hands. I still do because I KNOW I’ll be fine. Panic makes people behave irrationally. I’m acting in faith.

Panic says that you don’t trust you’ll be okay. That attracts more feelings of fear or getting the flu or whatever it is that makes you panic.

The first outbreak got me momentarily nervous since they emphasized how the majority of cases are in NYC and I live here. It sounded awful. But, then I thought about it rationally and paid more attention to the good news—that people aren’t getting very sick. An overreaction to something that sounds scary can be controlled if you CHOOSE to. If you feel panicky about swine flu, or any other situation:

* Slow down and take deep breaths. This will calm you and help you to think more rationally.

* Stop talking about it or listening to reports. If all the news reports about swine flu are making you scared, turn them off! If people discuss it, either change the subject or walk away. Don’t let it stay in your consciousness to attract more stress or other negatives that your thoughts might attract.

* Consciously identify exactly what you’re scared of. Getting the flu? Having your city shut down. A loved one getting sick? Or the thought of it? Very often all the panic created makes you scared of the unknown or you just catch the panic and let it run you.

* Take extra special care of your health, which I think you should do every day without a flu scare. Good health is armor against getting sick. It also feels better so you have more strength to deal with what scares you.

* Tell yourself that everything will be fine. It will be if you let it! Do affirmations about your good health and everyone you know staying healthy or being fine. Thank God for it.

* Trust that you will be fine. This is a hard one if you’re faith isn’t strong. I speak from a place that I regularly put myself into God’s hands and know I’m safe. That’s the best place to be to allow the Law of Attraction to work for your highest good!

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