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Last week the guest post about complacency by Tim Kellis struck a nerve. I don’t hear that word used much but I do see it in action. So does the Law of Attraction! The definition of complacency is a feeling of pleasure or security while being unaware of negatives that could be lurking. Smug satisfaction. It really got me thinking.

To me, complacency means taking life and its gifts for granted. That tells the Universe that you’re not feeling conscious gratitude.

Being complacent is like living with blinders. Parents who see their kids as perfect miss signs of trouble. If you take your relationship for granted, you might not notice your partner is unhappy. If you do your job by rote, you might not notice an opportunity opening up or people being laid off. It tells the Universe that you just want to stay in the place you’re in. You don’t want to grow or change.

Complacency can keep your dance card empty as you don’t seek to take new paths.

Complacency helped me to remain a DoorMat. I accepted what happened around me without reacting or really paying attention. It was all “just life”, one big generalization that kept my world stagnant. It enabled me to stay put. If I challenged situations or paid too much attention to how I LET people treat me or what I was missing out on, I’d have had to do something about it.

Complacency allowed me to live in a bubble of status quo since I was too scared to do something more.

Leaving DoorMatville meant leaving complacency behind too. It was time to live and not just pass time. Many us seek to not rock the boat of our worlds. You may think you need your job so you see it through rose-colored glasses to avoid taking action on unacceptable situations and maybe having to leave. Your romantic partner may seem great compared to others you’ve had, or the idea of being solo. But for me, the worst aspect of complacency is that it tells the Universe you’re taking your life for granted.

Even if you’re complacent when things are truly good in your world, a lack of gratitude can change that quickly.

The Law of Attraction picks up on that and doesn’t support the life you currently enjoy if you act like it’s a given instead of the gift it is. Being consciously grateful is a good antidote to being complacent. It tells the Universe that you’re aware of all the good around you and aren’t taking it for granted. Thinking about your blessings also helps you become more aware of things you’re complacent about.

I’ve said this a gazillion times before but you can’t hear it too much: Count your blessings as often as you can.

Blessing awareness is a terrific catalyst for the Law of Attraction to attract more blessings. Join my Conscious Gratitude List on Yahoo to help you remember to be grateful for everything you have. Taking life for granted leaves you vulnerable. Counting your blessings keeps you full of reasons to be happy. Which place would you prefer to be in?

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