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The other day, someone I know was saying that lately his life sucked. I winced each time he said it. Others chimed in with adjectives about their lives that were negative. “My life feels like a struggle.” “I know what you mean, life is hard.” I asked them for more adjectives to describe their lives and eventually challenged them to find some good ones. They were actually able to do that!

Yet their emphasis was on the negatives! And they wondered why those negatives continued to be true. I knew why—the Law of Attraction picked up those thoughts.

Often when something is annoying we give it more power than necessary. Actually, it’s best not to give negatives any power. But of course it’s human nature to magnify the annoyances. You have a bad day and it becomes a bad week, then you reinforce it and it continues. Then it transfers to your whole life. I’ve talked about individual things we do that affects how the Law of Attraction works for our highest or lowest good.

But it’s also important to be aware of how our overall attitude toward life creates the tone we live by.

Your view of your life is YOUR choice! You can choose to find the good in things that don’t go well or choose to feel bad about what you don’t like and bring it into the bigger picture of you life. That taints your perception in a bigger way than necessary and attracts more of the negatives that you equate with your life. Why integrate a bad experience as part of your life when you can leave it in the past?

You can also look for the good in a situation to balance what you didn’t like.

Sounds tough? Which do you prefer? Feeling good or being brought down by negatives? Your choice is that simple. Just yesterday I returned from an afternoon of writing in a café and saw fire engines heading down my block in midtown Manhattan. As they approached my apartment building I muttered, “keep going.” But they stopped and dozens of firemen ran into my building with full gear and hoses.

My building was on fire! An electrical panel for our elevator at the top floor ignited and was shooting flames and smoke.

It was scary. Why my building?? The elevators were shut down but I was allowed to walk to my apartment—on the 10th floor! I don’t normally walk up, especially when carrying my laptop. But I did and it was actually not too bad. I’m in better shape than ever now so I didn’t have to stop much to catch my breath. When I got in and spoke to a friend, she began to say how terrible it was that my building had a fire. Did I want to feel terrible? NOPE!! I thought about it and found the blessings. The fire department came fast so the fire wouldn’t do too much damage. Bless our doorman for quickly noticing the light off on that elevator and going upstairs to see why, which got the firemen there fast.

So I focused on the blessings. My big one is that I’ve improved my physical fitness a lot and can now walk the 10 flights up without much effort! I love knowing that but wouldn’t had it not been for the fire! ?

After that, when I told someone about the fire, my perception was that a fire in my building helped me to see what great shape I’m in, so I’m OK about it! I could have gone to “why me?” or thought about what could have happened without the doorman’s quick thinking. Had he not gone up fast, the fire would have spread down the shaft of the elevator and it could have been a tragedy. But it wasn’t and I won’t go there. My life is good and I choose to keep it that way by watching how I view it.

Here’s an exercise. At the top of a paper or document in your computer, write “My life is:” Think about words that describe your life. Be honest! Write down everything you think of. What comes to mind first? Are there any negatives? How can you find the blessings and make them more positive? If you think your life sucks, it will continue to. If you accept that stuff happens but overall your life is a blessing, you’ll continue to be blessed like I am.

Make your perception of the overall picture of your life a positive one and enjoy a positive life, despite the glitches! Then the Law of Attraction will bless you with more positive adjective for your life.

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