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I interviewed a woman named Cheryl Harvey Hill, who’ll be featured on this blog in the next few weeks. Three times she’s been so sick the doctors put her into hospice care and declared she wouldn’t survive. Three times she’s recovered! I get chills from how much Cheryl inspires me! When I asked how she puts her health problems into perspective so she can go on with her life in the face of doctors saying she’s going to die, she said:

As simple as it may sound, it really is a matter of counting your blessings. Seriously. You only need to look at the six ‘o clock news to see folks who are much worse off than you are. Then too, I have been blessed with amazing friends and family who are so positive all the time; they are great cheerleaders. It’s all about choices. You can choose to feel sorry for yourself or you can choose to concentrate on the positive things in your life. I have a lot of positive things in my life so I choose to concentrate on those things. My illness can fend for itself.

Cheryl’s spirit got me thinking. I have my Conscious Gratitude list on Yahoo that people have the opportunity to post blessings on. Few post regularly. I try to post every day. Most people don’t. Some post occasionally when they have some big news or something special happened. Cheryl finds things every day to focus on, and that helps to heal her. I try to do that too when I post my blessings every day! And when I read what others post, it reminds me of other things I should express gratitude for.

When you recognize almost everything good in your life as a blessing, it’s easier to feel very blessed.

And when you feel blessed, you attract more blessings. In Cheryl’s case, she attracted better health by being grateful for all the good things in her life. She recently left hospice again after her docs told her husband that she wouldn’t make it this time. Cheryl beats the odds by choosing to get well and letting her blessings heal her. By not focusing on her illness, she makes it easier for healing to come to her. She attracts the happiness she attracts from her blessings.

Focusing on your blessings tells sends a message that your intentions are to have blessings. That allows the Law of Attraction to attract more blessings.

I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my life when I was young. I had a friend (I’ll call her Meg) who was VERY spoiled. She had every toy, every doll, every game, every music album, etc. Not surprising that I envied her! One day I asked my mom to buy me a doll that Meg had. She wouldn’t, explaining I had enough. I balked and whined that Meg had so much while I had so little. Mom vehemently disagreed. She pointed out that Meg rarely seemed happy in her pursuit of the next new purchase to bug her parents for. With all of the wonderful things she had to play with, Meg was more focused on what to ask for next than on what she had.

While I was too young to understand the concept of counting one’s blessings, I did learn the importance of appreciating what you have.

Mom pointed out that I loved my 2 dolls. Meg had many more but tossed them around like garbage. Mine were special to me. I still remember their names—Nancy and Abigail. Meg barely named hers since they were expendable as she continued getting new ones. I cherished mine as my babies. After that, I paid more attention to Meg’s lack of appreciation for everything as mine increased. I did love what I had and I took more pleasure in it! Since then, my attention to the small details of the good in my life increased. It helps me to wake up smiling every day!

Counting your blessings helps prevent taking your life for granted, which I think a majority of people do. Every little joyous thing is a reason to celebrate life if you recognize it as a such. I do!

I got out of DoorMatville! I’m grateful for that every day. It doesn’t get old or fade away. I am happy! I am confident! I feel powerful! I help others to feel this way! I never get tired of being grateful for that! I post blessings on my Conscious Gratitude list list almost every day. Often I give thanks for the same blessings over and over, like sunshine, sleeping well and good friends. It makes me more conscious that these are things that make me happy, which in turn makes me happier. Blessings shouldn’t get old by taking them for granted. Appreciation for all the good in your life attracts lots more to appreciate!

I saw Meg at a school reunion. She still seems unhappy and continues trying to organize activities. Meg seems to still need entertainment or extras. It was a great reminder to never take blessings for granted. Look around you? What do you have that you like? Acknowledge it out loud. Write it down. Let all the blessings you may not acknowledge often bathe you in the warmth that gratitude brings. For me, appreciating all the little things I like stokes my happiness each day. After being an unhappy DoorMat for so long, I love the smile they keep on my face. ?

Stoke your own happiness and good health by letting the Law of Attraction respond to your thoughts about your blessings!

Cheryl conquers life with her blessings and I try to do that do. Pay attention to what you have instead of what you lack and to what feels good instead of dwelling on what feels bad. It can put you in a better mood, improve your health and attract more blessings. Stay tuned for a full interview with Cheryl Harvey Hill.

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