This is post 25 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day!

Last week someone commented on my post about how trust allows the Law of Attraction to work better. She said she tries to trust but it’s not easy. It’s not! You won’t just read my post and implement trust, which has to be earned–trust in yourself and in the Law of Attraction’s ability to manifest.

Developing trust in being able to count on your spiritual power is a process to develop—a delightful, generous process that brings more and more smiles as it works!

Most change takes time–to let go of old beliefs and doubts so that the Law of Attraction can work for you. When I was a DoorMat I was also a doubting atheist. So if I could get to a place of total trust, anyone can! I was an atheist but I also was a good person. When I read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, I recognized that I lived by some of the spiritual principles she discussed. But trusting was another story. I did want to, as I’m sure you do too. So I slowly began to test the water.

Consciously manifesting with the Law of Attraction isn’t hard in the true sense of hard. But it is hard to let go of doubt, which thwarts the process. You CAN do it if you’re patient and open-minded. The biggest roadblock to doing it is probably YOU. That said, the biggest asset for manifesting is YOU! So it’s YOUR choice. Here’s some concrete suggestions:

* Don’t fight it with logical arguments. I’m astounded by how many people I work with or encounter say they want to use the Law of Attraction and then give me every reason why it may not work for them. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. EVERYONE is capable of manifesting!

* Make a conscious decision to try. It may sound obvious but since your thoughts and intentions create your reality, you may have some that say you can’t. This is the beginning of letting go of old bad habits that blocked manifesting. “I intend to manifest what I choose to.” Then choose to! Keep saying it until it feels right and you feel more passion about it.

* Start small. Test your power on something simple. Louise Hay suggests beginning with finding a parking spot. I had a car when I read that and it worked! I affirmed that I had a good spot and got one every time I truly focused on manifesting. My dentist was almost positive that I’d need surgery on a tooth that was inflamed. While I waited for the results of the xray, I affirmed that my tooth would be easy to heal. He returned and said I was very lucky. He found something minimal that caused my problem and it didn’t take much to fix it. I knew it wasn’t luck! When I saw my affirmations work, I tried other things. The more it worked the more I trusted, like going up a long staircase, one step at a time.

* Be realistic. Don’t expect big miracles overnight, unless you’re ready, willing and able to surrender total trust to let it happen. Yes, YOU let it happen, or not. As your trust increases as you see your efforts working, you can try for bigger things. But you can’t just wish for a million bucks, or a bicycle like in The Secret, and wake up to find it. Your soul had to see it and believe it’s coming. It took me years to get to bigger miracles. The most important thing is that you eventually reach your goals.

* Focus on what’s best for your highest good. Sometimes what you want may not be what’s best for your highest good. But you want it! If you do get it, you may not feel the satisfaction you expected. As your trust increases, ask for what’s in your highest good. I’ll express what I want and then add that I’d like it IF it’s in my highest good. Or, if it’s not, please send me what is. That shows you trust!

* Practice accepting what happens. It may not be what you want but it may be the best way. When things don’t go as planned, I say, “Everything happens for a reason.” I always look for the reason later and find it! You may think that something has to happen or you need to have gratification right now only to discover that wasn’t true. Acceptance brings satisfying results!

* Ask God (or whatever spiritual power you believe in, or want to) to forgive you for having doubts since it’s hard to let go of them, and for support in getting past doubts. It’s normal to have old messages pop into your head as you try to put out positive thoughts and support them with belief. I still do! Don’t get angry or frustrated. Acknowledge that you have them and want to get rid of them. Ask for forgiveness for having doubts and for support in overriding them to manifest. In situations where I’ve had a lot of things go wrong in the past, old memories still come up when I’m in the situation again. But I thank God for understanding that it’s hard to let go of old memories and fears that negative things will happen. Then I manifest!

* Ask God (or whatever spiritual power you believe in, or want to) for a sign and WATCH carefully. When I’ve felt down, I’ve asked for a sign that He was listening. I’ve ALWAYS gotten one. I’m sure you do too but like I used to be, it can be hard to recognize those signs. Now I do! Once when I was down and thinking that maybe I should find another profession, I got one fan letter after another. I get them every day but this day they came in a barrage. I knew that was God saying to hang in. I lightened my mood and my situation changed. Another time I was waiting for news and it didn’t look good. I again asked for a sign. My whole day went in synch. Everyone I called, mainly people who are hard to catch, answered the phone. Traffic lights that are always red when I walk across town turned green as I got to the corner. It was amazing.

Many people would see all these things as coincidences. I recognize them as God speaking to me, letting me know he’s with me. Even if that’s not true, if I believe it is, I expect what I need to come, and that works. So if it’s just a mental thing, I’m down with that if it helps me manifest goodies!

Slowly work yourself to developing trust in being able to manifest with your thoughts and faith. Give it as much time as you need to really get it into your head that you’ll get the support you believe will come. Trusting in the Law of Attraction will truly reward you when you build enough trust to allow it to.

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