This is post 24 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day!

Some of you know I was the first white female rapper, when I taught school years ago. That was when I was just beginning to develop better self-esteem and making small moves to leave DoorMatville. Up until then I’d mainly done what was expected of me. Because of that, I felt comatose—walking thought life on auto-pilot, without really living it. I was too scared to recognize that I was unhappy. I did know I wasn’t happy, but felt that was all I was worthy of.

I expected to settle for what I got, and the Law of Attraction reciprocated with a boring, joyless life.

I thought I felt safe by sticking to doing what I was told and by coveting people’s attention with favors and conforming to their expectations. But I really was just stuck in an invisible prison of my own low expectations. I did anything creative I could, mainly for others, just to have an outlet. I wrote plays for other teachers and designed and put up their bulletin boards. Anything was better than nothing back then! I mainly passed time instead of living, thinking this was my place in life.

Until my students dared me to rap, saying a white woman couldn’t do it.

I was beginning to recognize my value by then and wanted to help the kids avert some of the invisible barriers that had kept me stuck. My intention at the time was to prove that they shouldn’t let stereotypes stop them. Since their reasoning was that I couldn’t rap because of my color and sex, I had to prove them wrong! And I did. After getting nicknamed the “rappin’ teach,” I was stimulated to keep going and went on to become one of the first women to start a record label.

The Law of Attraction supported my intention to teach the kids a lesson by becoming the first white female rapper. ?

I operated my label successfully for 5 years and had some records that did very well. During that time I learned how to nicely get taken seriously in the very male dominated music industry. Now I teach others how to navigate and conquer careers in the music industry with my books and workshops. On Saturday I began filming a music video for my first rap record, Girls Can Do, in honor of the upcoming release of my next 2 books—Start & Run Your Own Record Label (Billboard/Random House) and Nice Girls Can Finish First (McGraw-Hill). You can hear the song on my MySpace page. I had at least 12 women committed to coming over to be in it and had a definite vision for it. But, right before, they began to drop out and a few just didn’t show up.

Instead of worrying, which tells the Law of Attraction that I have doubts, I declared that it would all work out for my highest good and the perfect women would come.

And they did! You can see them in the pic. That’s me in red and the 4 lovely, sexy chicks who participated. We laughed and laughed and sang and got great footage. Had I bemoaned a smaller than expected participation, it wouldn’t have been the success it was. We improvised and now I can’t imagine it being as good as it was had the others come. We all clicked together to the same drum.

Trusting that things happen for a reason and rolling with the circumstances allows the Law of Attraction to bring you the right ones at the right time.

Fighting against what seems to be happening can sabotage what would be best for you. I’ve learned to trust—seriously trust that everything will work out well. Putting that message out brings me goodies that I couldn’t have imagined on my own. Saturday’s video shoot was awesome. I’m excited to put it all together into a music video that people will want to forward to friends.

When things don’t go your way, resist the urge to lament about it or think you’re screwed or be terribly disappointed. Instead, say, “Everything happens for a reason and I’ll find it. It will all work out fine.” That helps attract a positive outcome. I always look back and find the reason.

Trusting that things will work out allows things to work out. It’s SO MUCH better than attracting a negative result.

When you trust the Universe to bring you what you need for your highest good, it does. I know that God wants me to be happy and have what I need so I can trust that my outcomes will be positive in the long run. God wants YOU to be happy too! it It’s a much more relaxing way to be, and attracts so many good things! I’ll post what I expect to be a fantastic video by the end of next month. Stay tuned! ?

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