This is post 23 in my series on the Law of Attraction in Action, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day!

Many people fail to effectively use the power of the Law of Attraction because they expect instant gratification. If they say an affirmation a few times and nothing happens, they give up.

You can’t tell the Universe what the right time to receive something is. Part of having a faithful lifestyle is trusting that you’ll get what you need when the time is right.

My transition from living in DoorMatville to living as I wanted to wasn’t easy, or quick. When I took the first step and got divorced, I was terrified—of being lonely, stuck in a worse place, and anything else my negative mind could conjure up. The easy way out seemed like getting into a house share situation. I found some people I knew to share one with me. It was a convenient location. But trying to find new roommates when the trusted ones left was tough. Being in that house was a rough time, as I struggled to find me and create a happy life.

I went back to being more of a DoorMat to keep “friends” in my world. It reinforced my feeling used and taken for granted. One-sided friendships do that!

I was miserable and didn’t know what to do. I’d left my husband to become a happy, empowered woman and was more of a DoorMat than before—until a friend insisted I read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I’ve said before that this book truly guided me to heal my life. It was a process, of learning to use the Law of Attraction, and then putting it into use. A lot of lessons helped me. But a profound one was reading the full page text on page 248.

I guess it can be called an affirmation. It’s long but affirms a happy, satisfying life in many areas—health, home, work, play, love from everyone around you.

I didn’t know what a happy, satisfying life was back then. I did know I felt better when I read it out loud. At first I read the whole page in the morning and before I went to sleep. It felt like a wish to have love and joy. I didn’t understand the Law of Attraction back then. In the past, it would have seemed silly to read this page aloud. After all, it affirmed that I had mostly things I didn’t have, like a home that brings me lots of joy. I HATED living in that house but felt stuck. I didn’t enjoy teaching or feel much love from those around me.

Yet I continued reading this full-page affirmation! And it continued to give me solace.

Louise Hay says a version of what’s on this page on her audio material. When I listen, I say it along with her. Two years later, I was still in my situation but I’d practiced using the Law of Attraction and by then my faith was getting strong. It helped give me the courage to move into an apartment in Manhattan. It was still rough for a while as I burned my teaching license renewal, to force myself to find other ways to earn a living. I asked God for more guidance and it was given. Soon I was teaching workshops on my areas of expertise and began writing books.

A funny thing happened. The year after I moved into my current apartment, I read the full page affirmation on New Years Eve, which I do each year. When I finished, a light bulb exploded in my head! I’d been saying this long affirmation for years—with hope, wishful thinking, and eventually strong faith. Now it was true!

I’d manifested EVERYTHING I affirmed on page 248 in You Can Heal Your Life. I WAS healthy, happy and whole on my own.

I LOVE my apartment with its sunshine and great location. I LOVE the way I earn a living. Having a passion driven life rocks! I take good care of myself and it results in fabulous good health! I only have wonderful loving people in my world. And I’m ecstatically happy—far from the DoorMat I used to be. This was finally the RIGHT time for me. I’d left the house I hated living in, burned my teaching license while affirming I’d never again earn a living doing what I didn’t love, and put myself into God’s hands. Even when nothing happened, I continued doing that long affirmation.

I know now that the Law of Attraction led me to my fantastic apartment. It wasn’t where I expected to live. Things kept going wrong as I searched for one in the neighborhood I’d decided to move to. But I kept trusting I’d find the right place. It was completely “accidental” that I landed here. I took my current apartment because someone offered it to me and I had to move fast. My plan was to move again in a year. But it ended up being the perfect space for me.

When circumstances kept going awry, I didn’t ask “why me?” Instead, I affirmed, “Everything happens for a reason. Whatever is meant to be will be.”

And there was a reason! This is the right space for me! Later I understood that by affirming Louise’s full-page affirmation, I spoke like I already had it. That set the Law of Attraction into action to manifest when the time was right. Looking back, some very negative events motivated me to move into the city, like God giving me a good swift kick to leave. That forced me to look for ways to make a living from my talents. It was a process that happened over a few years.

Change doesn’t usually happen overnight. Those of us who trust enough to wait until the time is right, and accept the circumstances on the road to manifesting, are the ones who attract the most.

Once my faith was strong, I accepted I could wait for whenever I was ready to receive what I wanted. Practice acceptance in whatever way things happen. Now I expect to get what’s for my highest good. If you’re not getting what you say you want, you may not be ready for it. When I affirm and affirm what I want and time passes with no results, I think about what else I need to do to be ready for it.

* You may wish for a wonderful romantic partner but may need to work on loving yourself first to attract someone loving.

* You may hope for a better job but may need to prepare yourself more with research or taking classes.

* You may long to get an apartment on your own but may be scared of taking care of yourself and need to become more independent first by doing some things alone.

* You may dream about having lots more money but not feel worthy of receiving goodies.

Once you’re truly ready, the Universe will respond. Prepare for what you want to manifest. Do the work. Show you’re serious about receiving it. Let go of any anger or frustration about not receiving it on cue. Then trust that when the time is right, you’ll get it. If you relax in that mindset and keep putting it out, the time WILL come. It always does for me!

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