I’m excited. In my Law of Attraction in Action: Service People post at the end of August, I talked about how being considerate to customer service people attracts a lot better service and other good things. Leo Durocher said, ‘Nice guys finish last!’ When you believe that, you probably will finish last by being nice. But this recovering DoorMat knows that being a healthy kind of nice fuels the Law of Attraction’s ability to bring you more of what you want.

A combo of considerate friendly communication and a firm intention to get resolution for a problem brings the best possible service.

In the post I just mentioned, I discussed how I had problems with my Apple iBook G4 laptop in varying degrees for over a year. I’d bring it into the genius bar for help and get a small temporary fix. The problem was electrical. Some people suggested I needed a new logic board but the tech guys never thought so. It often buzzed so loud that it made me stressed. I was exasperated by it and my warrantee was about to expire.

My frustration was fired up. Friends told me to make a fuss. I knew it would be easy to let loose with my pent up anger on a tech or customer service person. I’d lost many workdays bringing in the computer, only to have it come back with the same problem in a week or two. But I’ve learned that taking your anger out on a customer service person serves no purpose other than a temporary release of anger while you piss them off. Instead, I nicely called customer service and firmly insisted on speaking to a supervisor.

I didn’t demand it in a hostile way. But I resolutely refused to speak to the tech person and got put through to a Product Specialist.

I was friendly and he listened carefully. When I told him all the symptoms he agreed that my logic board was probably causing the problem. If I’d yelled and screamed about all my inconveniences and how annoying it was, I’d have wasted time in getting it fixed, and, put the Product Specialist into a bad mood. Venting is what we often do when a situation gets us angry.

But, I knew the Product Specialist didn’t cause my problem and I needed his help, so why alienate him??? Yet so many people do.

Instead, we had a nice conversation. He made many notes on my file and I got a new logic board after 9 days of more problems. Five days later the computer crashed and the logic board needed to be replaced again. Again I kept my cool and was courteous to my Product Specialist, who said if anything else happened, he’d give me a new computer. I wrote about that in my blog post. People asked if I believed him. I did. Most were skeptical. Would Apple really give me a brand new laptop?

The promise was put to the test last week when my adapter failed.

The computer wouldn’t charge. I called and got Ty, another Product Specialist. He sent me another adapter but that didn’t work either. He offered one more part. As I waited for it to arrive, other funny things began to go wrong. I’d had it! So I called and said I want the new computer. I’d had a laptop that hadn’t worked consistently well for over a year and was done.

Did I get an argument? Did Ty try to placate me in other ways? NOPE! He just took my address and this week a brand new MacBook Pro arrived.

I LOVE this laptop! It’s got a sleek design and has lots of great software. And it’s mine! For free! On Saturday I have an appointment with the Apple store to have all my data transferred from the old laptop to the new. Then I send the old one back to them using the prepaid label they gave me. Everyone involved in the process has been as nice as could be. I put out a nice attitude and it returned to me! ?

Apple still rocks in my book! I’m such a devout Mac-a-holic and continue to be. I’m so delighted with the great customer service I got. They really do stand by their products and try to give help, at least when you treat the person nicely. I do bet that had I had a conversation with my growl on, it might not have been such a pleasant experience. Now I have an advocate for the future.

Next time you have a service problem, calm down, force a smile, and expect satisfaction.

If the first person you reach doesn’t give you resolution, go higher, and higher until you get someone who can help you. Be friendly. You can be nice while still being firm and letting the person know you expect good service. Create an advocate like I did, instead of being a big ol’ pain in the butt that the person wants to get rid of fast. I chat with all my advocates. Some even buy my books and read this blog. ?

Next time you need customer service, force a smile, calm down, and speak to the person the way you’d prefer to be spoken to. Courtesy costs nothing but can be priceless for what it can attract. Nice people truly CAN finish first! I sure do.

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