I’m a bit late this week due to busy but good things going one. This is my fifteenth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version. You CAN use your power to attract all that you need. I do it every day!

Last week a friend shared how it seems that every time she allows herself to feel happy, something happens to counteract that. Now she expects to have her happiness messed up! I completely related, because this has happened to me over and over. And I frequently hear this scenario from others:

Things are going well. You relax in the joy of having life go your way. Then whoosh! The rush quickly fades as someone changes his mind, or a company goes out of business or something weird happens and the good you thought you had falls apart. Then something else happens to counter what you felt joy about. Then something else gets in the way of your happy experiences, until it feels like a pattern you can’t break.

Eventually, you expect something bad to interfere with what makes you happy.

Has this happened to you? This is the Law of Attraction working against your highest good. When you put out expectations that something will dampen your joy, your joy gets dampened by whatever you attract to fulfill that belief. This is an especially hard pattern to break if you’re conditioned to wait for joyful things to fall apart. My friend said that sometimes she’s almost afraid to be happy. I used to have fabulous opportunities, get excited initially, but then wait for them to fall through for some bizarre reason. And they usually did!

Expecting good situations to fall through tells the Universe that you don’t expect the good opportunity to materialize. So they don’t!

Using the Law of Attraction takes practice. It’s not just going through the motions of expecting goodies. If your inner thoughts are doubtful, the results will be too. Having happy experiences fall through can wound your soul, and your faith, if it seems to happen regularly. It’s very common for people to attract a crash and burn after good things seemed to be coming, and then blame bad luck. Once you get convinced you have a lot of, it becomes the excuse for negatives happening. But I don’t believe in bad luck, or good luck.

The *luck* you get corresponds to the message you send to the Universe and how the Law of Attraction brings it back to you.

My biggest spiritual milestone was getting over the hump of expecting something to go wrong when I was excited about a good thing about to happen or subconsciously assuming that something would sabotage the good things that seemed imminent or that I wanted. I felt like I only attracted *bad luck* for years and years and sometimes still have to catch myself since I haven’t fully broken this pattern. No matter what I did, things fell through. While I knew my thoughts did it, I couldn’t stop the cycle of using the Law of Attraction to my detriment. I did every spiritual thing I could think of but felt like I was blocked.

For many years, just as I got excited about something going to happen, it fell through. So I came to expect it.

Years ago when I had my record label, I had so many deals fall through for unlikely reasons that I assumed I was jinxed. My lawyer at the time said she’d never seen anything like it. Done deals didn’t happen, over and over. She said I had the worst luck she’d ever seen. I’d get jazzed about an opportunity that seemed definite. But after the initial rush, I’d get nervous wondering if it would go wrong. I felt underlying stress from it but couldn’t stop. My excitement was tempered by expecting disappointment. And my expectations were always rewarded with disappointment.

The more disappointments you experience, the more you expect disappointment in the future. The Law of Attraction picks up on that and makes you think you have bad luck. Then you attract more *bad luck* and the cycle continues as you expect it to continue to happen. I continued having *bad luck* for many years. I accepted that I attracted it but didn’t know what to do. Until I got tired of it happening and made a more conscious effort to send the Law of Attraction a different message.

What you see as *bad luck* is the Law of Attraction responding to negative thoughts. You create it; you have the POWER to change it!

I began by asking God for strength to get past the negative feelings that blocked some of my happiness and interfered with some really good stuff. I got it! With a strong determination to stop sabotaging my joy, it slowly it got easier. I used the Law of Attraction to change my old habits of negative expectations. Now when the old doubts come up when something big is approaching, I can turn it around by changing my thoughts.

When old demons start to make you expect a negative outcome:

* Be very conscious of your thoughts. REALLY pay attention and watch for doubt in the way you view a situation so you can take action to change it.

* Do affirmations to drown out negative thoughts. It’s hard to think 2 thoughts at a time so force the positive ones to stop those that sabotage getting what you want. “I’m excited about_____ and expect it to happen!” Make the effort to get yourself excited so you put that energy out!

* Remind yourself why you deserve it. As a DoorMat, I didn’t truly feel deserving. I had to be convinced. Write down all the reasons and read them aloud. Try saying them in a mirror. ? Give yourself a pep talk while you’re there!

* Ask God to help you avoid those thoughts. It’s hard to change negative habits of expecting things to fall through. Acknowledge it to God and ask for support in changing that habit. Putting out the intention to break the habit brings you the support to do so. This was a HUGE help for me.

* Write down your fears and then burn them. What could hurt your outcome? How could the situation go wrong. As you burn your list, affirm, “I expect positives from now on!”

* When you’re alone, shout that you intend to get the good things that are coming your way. I’d scream it all day long when I was first breaking the pattern. It helped me feel more in control and sent a strong message that the Law of Attraction returned to me with better outcomes.

* Release the situation into God’s hands. I mean really put it into God’s hands, ask for what’s best for your highest good and trust you’ll attract what you should.

Just last week the owner of the club that offered to make me a book release party told me the club is moving much further downtown. It’s not the location I want. Something like this shouldn’t be out of the way.
I began to go to that dark place of “why me?” “Why do things that matter so much always screw up?” But this time I caught myself and decided that it just meant there was a better place for my party and now I’m scouting one instead of sobbing, “why do things never work out well for me?” I’m revved instead of feeling like a victim.

Now I know if something doesn’t work out, something better is coming. And I attract it with that mindset.

It’s really hard to get past it but if you tell God that you hate expecting to have something interfere with your positive plans and would appreciate support in getting past it, that will be supported. You DESERVE to enjoy consistent happiness! ? Take it by taking control of your thoughts and attract your own good luck.

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