This is my ninth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version.

“Too Blessed to Be Stressed”
Stress is all around us. I hear folks often discuss how stressed they are. The energy of working hard, taking care of family, and fitting everything you might want to do into a time deprived existence can lead even the most spiritual of us to be stressed. And the current economy can certainly exacerbate stress about your finances. People are more worried today than ever before, at least in my lifetime. Is my job, savings, investments, retirement fund, college fund for my kids, etc. safe?

It’s scary times right now—IF you allow it to be.

Fear, stress, worry, etc. all send the message that you don’t have total faith that everything will work out for your highest good. It expresses doubt in your spiritual power. The Law of Attraction, which isn’t selective about what to support, brings more fear, stress, worry, etc. back to you. This is so important for you to understand!

Faith can create miracles in a situation that doesn’t look good. But you must be willing to surrender your control of it and just expect it to all work out well for you.

Yes, investments are tanking, jobs are decreasing, the economy is in the toilet, the news sounds bleak. But it doesn’t mean that your world has to be bleak. Many people still have their jobs. The stock market is rebounding. It will take time to sort itself out and make a positive impact but it will happen. You can focus on all that’s wrong and attract a bad mood and negative situations, or look forward and find the blessing in your situation.

When you can put a lid on your worries, have complete faith that things will work out for you, and focus on your blessings, miracles can happen.

People post their blessings on my Conscious Gratitude Yahoo group. One lives in Houston. We didn’t hear from her for a week after the hurricane hit. When she finally had access to Internet service, she shared a long list of her blessings. I bet most people wouldn’t have found the blessings like she did! Her house was flooded. Much of her possessions are ruined.

She and her family rode out the storm at a neighbor’s house. The roof blew off and several families sat huddled together as pieces of the roof came down all around them. This woman posts her blessings every day. Her faith is strong. She wrote that as pieces of roof flew around them in the wind, it was like someone had put a bubble around the families because no one was hit with even a bit! Now that’s a miracle of faith and the Law of Attraction bringing more blessings to someone who expresses gratitude each day. She focuses on blessings and got a BIG one. And she continues to post blessings, despite still having many residual problems from the storm. Having your family and friends safe is much more valuable than anything else.

Focusing on your blessings can neutralize negatives and attract more blessings. The Law of Attraction loves to provide blessings to those who focus on them.

I recently had a visit with a woman who did work for my parents for many years. Though my parents are gone, Nazzy and I have stayed in regular touch. She and her husband Henry are in their eighties now. Yet when they walked in, they radiated the same sunshine in their positive and exuberant energy that they had when they were young.

All my questions about how they are were answered with very positive responses. “I’m blessed to still be healthy.” “I’m blessed to have my kids and grands around me.” “I’m blessed that our home is paid for.” I pushed. Surely this economy was making them stressed, since they’re not too financially solvent to begin with. But Nazzy kept smiling and in a joyous tone said,

“I’m too blessed to be stressed!”

She always focused on what she had and felt great appreciation for it. Her faith was strong that she and her family would be safe. “I’m too blessed to be stressed!” She was so happy with all she had that she couldn’t worry at all about potential problems. Since they weren’t on her mind, the Law of Attraction didn’t bring the problems or when they came, it brought solutions too. Being stressed gets supported by the Law of Attraction. Why attract it?

When life, or all the bad news about the economy get you down:

* Turn off the news on TV or radio! I normally watch the news but the last weeks I change the channel when dark scary reports air. When I listen to the radio, I do the same thing when negative stories are discussed. I don’t read newspapers too often. The news is scary. It puts thoughts in your head that attract negatives to you. I’m so much happier since I stopped listening to negative news reports. It really does all work out on the other end when you expect it to.

* Put situations that worry you into God’s hands. Whether you believe in God or the Universe or another spiritual being, put yourself in those competent hands and rest assured that things will be OK. I can’t always cope with things as well as I’d like but God can. That belief allows the Law of Attraction to bring me good outcomes.

* Remind yourself, “I’m too blessed to be stressed!” Then list your blessings and focus on them so you create more.

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