This is my sixth post in my Monday series on the Law of Attraction, inspired by watching Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version, except it’s not Monday. ?It’s been a hectic week and I couldn’t get it up till now. I’ve been on the road with little time to do anything extra. Currently I’m in Miami to speak and am staying longer just to chill and be away. That should attract feeling more relaxed!

The timing is perfect for me to discuss how our perception of age attracts a more positive or negative reality. My birthday was on Friday. That’s a day I become like a kid, celebrating another wonderful year of my life. Do you see how I phrased that? I rejoice in each year and the Universe returns that with another good one. Many people see their birthdays as a year closer to the end–bemoaning the years instead of celebrating them. And what does hating getting older attract? Lower self-esteem; fear of each year coming, which attracts stress and dampens joy.

You can’t change your age but you can change how you perceive it!

I see myself as a young chickie, though I’ve been out of my twenties for quite a while. When you feel old, it can attract rejection. Discomfort with your age attracts discomfort with yourself. Self-esteem gets damaged as you feel “less than” those younger than you. It can also make you feel like you don’t fit in with younger people, which is totally unnecessary!

I just finished 2 days at a college, speaking to students and hanging with the young people in the organization that brought me down. I fit right in, because I EXPECTED to.

If you EXPECT to feel out of place, you will! Why do that? You’re getting older. We all are. That’s part of life. But why attract unhappiness by fearing the passing years and being intimidated or ashamed of your age? I hear women of all ages lamenting their age and refusing to tell even friends how old they are. I have several friends who are younger than me, yet they won’t say their age. They know mine but can’t say theirs. It’s too painful for them. The Law of Attraction causes these women to be unhappy in other areas and it’s a shame!

Your number doesn’t change who you are unless you adopt a perspective of gloom and attract gloom for it.

I sometimes don’t tell someone my age right away. I like them to get to know me first as a person. Whether someone knows my age or not, I’m still the same girl. If they like and respect me before knowing how old I am, that shouldn’t change when they find out. If they thought I was younger and it bothers them, they can stuff it!

Your age doesn’t determine who you are. You become the person that your attitude attracts.

Last week I had lunch with a friend. As we discussed my birthday, she sadly expressed that she was dreading hers. She’s only twenty-five and looks fantastic! Yet she sat there talking about turning twenty-six like she’d shrivel up on that day. At first I laughed when she fervently mourned her upcoming birthday. But I realized this was traumatic for her. She’d be closer to thirty than twenty. Yet you don’t just become OLD on your birthday. It’s just a calendar day to remember how many years you’ve been blessed to be on this earth.

You can be twenty years old or seventy years young. It’s YOUR choice what comes after your number. I choose YOUNG!

My self-perception is ageless. I’m ageless! Just Daylle in the current package. No apologies or fears. I love me as I am and celebrate each birthday as a blessing, not a curse. I take the best care that I can to stay fit and healthy and am rewarded with a youthful look and demeanor. The Law of Attraction brings me lots of joy and contentment as each year passes. I act content, and receive it back.

Accept yourself as you are, in your own skin, with your own longevity. Rejoice in the years. You really do get better if you expect to. Sure, I feel a few more creaks and notice some small signs of age. My skin has some lines. But with good care and good products, I remain as good as I can be at any age. Own your years joyously and the Law of Attraction will bring you contentment. Celebrate your years and the Law of Attraction will bring you more to celebrate.

Always remember you’re the same person whether you admit your age or not. A number can’t change you. Only a negative attitude toward it will make you unhappy.

I get older each day and I embrace it with gratitude that I’m here, getting older, staying healthy and still looking pretty darn hot. As I live life to its fullest, the Law of Attraction makes life wonderful, despite the years ticking by. I advise you to join me in becoming ageless and not worrying about getting older. Focus on maintaining good health and doing what you can to not let age stop you from doing new things and achieving your goals.

Age doesn’t limit you. YOU limit you. But you can change that NOW by letting go of any negatives you may attach to your age and enjoy your life more! ?

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