Every Monday I’ll try to post something for my Law of Attraction series that I was motivated to start after watching the You Can Heal Your Life, the movie, expanded version, from Louise Hay. I want to share the lessons I’ve learned for manifesting a happier life and specific goodies. Today I’ll address how I used a spiritual approach, along with the techniques I spell out in my upcoming Nice Girls Can Finish First book (which work for guys as well!), to deal with an ongoing problem with my Apple iBook G4 laptop.

First I’ll say I’m a devout Mac-a-holic! I’ve always bought Apple computers and plan to continue. We Mac-a-holics are known for our loyalty to the brand. And my iBook G4 is absolutely my favorite by far.

As a professional writer, I live in my computer, so I get attached. This laptop fits so perfectly on a table when I take it for brunch or to a coffee shop to do some writing. It’s lighter than the others too. But while I love the laptop in general, I didn’t love the loud buzzing noises it made, and the quirky irregular patterns I noticed. At first I just lived with it. But, I didn’t like my battery burning out suddenly. I got another but after the computer got especially loud and had weird symptoms, the second one went from lasting 4 ½ hours to just over an hour in a day. So I brought it in to the Apple Genius Bar. Since I was under warranty, I got a free battery and a suggestion to have it sent out for repairs.

After several more visits to stop the loud fan noise and other issues, I was tired of the tech guys acting like nothing was wrong with it and they wouldn’t let me leave it for repair. Then, almost by divine intervention, my screen suddenly went dark. That was a problem they had to acknowledge and I left it with them in February. Several parts were replaced. I was lucky to be able to borrow a laptop during that time.

After 2 weeks of writing bliss on a quiet laptop, the loud noises resumed. I was writing 2 books at once, along with a few smaller projects, and couldn’t afford to be without it. I tried the Genius bar but was again pooh-poohed and only half listened to when I laid out the patterns I’d observed. My warranty was going to expire this week so I needed to do something. Then the same pattern as last time cranked the noise up higher and my battery went again. But I didn’t want to have to go back in and argue with someone who might not listen carefully or take my problem seriously.

Each time I went to the store, I felt like they treated me like I imagine a doctor who thinks someone is a hypochondriac does. Since the noises, etc. mainly happened intermittently, and after I’d been working for a while, the tech guys never heard them or saw most of the other things. Or they blamed it on the settings.

So I did what I advise in my book. I went to the Consumer Action website and called the number they had for Apple. I asked for a supervisor when someone answered and was put through to a Product Specialist after I explained my problem, without letting my anger or frustration show. I spoke nicely to the Product Specialist as I explained that I wanted everything recorded, before I brought the laptop in, since I needed it fixed right this time. He listened carefully to my list of symptoms and wrote them down. It was a relief.

The Product Specialist said it was probably the Logic board (which many others who knew Macs had suggested) or the DC inboard. He assured me that he’d made careful notes in my file and he’d monitor the repair. Once again I borrowed a laptop and brought it in, 3 weeks ago. I asked to have it sent out but they insisted on keeping it. Three days later someone called and asked what was wrong with it. I told him the notes were all there but went through it again with him.

The next day, someone else called to say they found the problem—my battery was no good! Hello! That’s a symptom, not the cause. I almost went ballistic that no one had read the notes so far or paid attention to all the things that were going wrong. I was back to being treated like a hypochondriac!! I explained the other things that had been happening and he was surprised, like I hadn’t told 3 others before him.

Looking back, I expected these guys to not take my complaints seriously and not work fast, and that’s what happened! That’s the Law of attraction in action—in a way I didn’t want!

The next night yet another person called to ask what was wrong, since he thought it was the battery. I took some deep breaths and nicely but firmly explained that I’d had enough of this and needed my computer back—fixed properly. I dropped the emotions behind my expectations of things screwing up and got serious in my intention to get it fixed. I was polite but very serious and he knew it. I firmly said that someone needed to read the notes in my file or I would keep going higher until I got some resolution. It was Sunday so I couldn’t call the helpful Product Specialist but I would the next day. The tech guy promised to read the notes.

When I returned from my run early Monday, there was a message from the guy the night before, apologizing and saying they’d replace the 2 major parts the Product Specialist had recommended. The Product Specialist called me back and said if I didn’t have it by Friday, fixed to my satisfaction, he’d overnight me a new one. I had it Thursday night. They replaced the logic board and dc inboard, after holding it for 9 days!

But it didn’t end here, and I had to use the Law of Attraction to deal positively.

I had 5 days of writing heaven and felt so relaxed not writing on a loud buzzing computer. But on Wednesday I began noticing quirks again. My mouse arrow disappeared for a while. The computer started shutting off randomly on Thursday. I ran right to the Apple store. This time the supervisor saw the big black box that kept popping up saying to reboot due to a problem. He thought it needed a new airport care and said I could leave it overnight Friday and probably have it back the next day, IF that was it.

The blessing? I stopped being treated like a hypochondriac since they saw the problem this time!

When I left it on Friday night, I put it into God’s hands to get it back repaired properly on Saturday. I have a major book deadline this week and another book I must work on, so I needed my laptop and couldn’t borrow one again. I spent the day out of the city. I didn’t feel well all day, which put a damper on my visit with a friend. My body was on edge, which affected me in many ways.

I got a message in the afternoon that the problem was the logic board, which was replaced last week! And, they had none in the store so it had to be sent out. I was truly surprised as I had complete faith that it would be fixed when I got home Saturday night. I got stressed but told my friend I’d pick it up when I got home. I refused to accept I’d be without it again. I didn’t
call back and trusted that God wouldn’t let me down.

While I was very upset over the whole situation, I kept my thoughts on no more drama over the laptop.

On the way home, I felt really lousy from all the stress. Thursday night I’d had to wait 3 hours in the store, like waiting in the emergency room for the doctors to help a loved one ? and got home after midnight. Then I had to bring it in Friday night. It affected my sleep both nights. So I was tired, stressed and grouchy. I didn’t want to put this negativity out to the Universe and knew I had to turn it around fast!

I began saying positive affirmations and used my newly acquired Reiki skills to turn my situation around. It began on the train ride home and continued as I walked home from the station. “I am very healthy, very happy, very relaxed and very energized. My computer is working fine. All is well in my world.” Over and over. As I walked home chanting this, I noticed my hands relax and the knots in my tummy leave. I felt empowered again, relaxed and confident in God’s hands.

When I saw a message on my machine when I got home, I said, “good news only!” Unbelievably, a logic board had arrived at the store suddenly. They installed it in my laptop, which was working fine! I could pick it up. As of mid afternoon on a Saturday they didn’t stock logic boards for my laptop. but one was delivered late on a weekend. Miracles truly happen when you make the Law of Attraction work for you! I felt lousy, thought about how lousy I felt and continued to feel lousy. When I changed my thoughts, and put some passion behind them, all my ailments disappeared and a logic board suddenly arrived at the Apple store.

I screamed thanks to God, over and over and over. My decision to stop all the negatives threw a switch in me and then the energy and consciousness I put out.

We all have the power to control our outcomes but it’s so easy to forget. I encourage others to do it but had to remind myself to put the Law of Attraction into positive action. When you need good service and get into a mindset of expecting a good outcome—before you make the call or go in person. I did that before I called the Product Specialist and have an advocate to help me. When I dropped the negative expectations of the tech guys, good service manifested too.

I will call the Product Specialist now and ask WHEN my new laptop will arrive. ? He promised me a new one if it wasn’t fixed properly by a week ago Friday and it wasn’t. Even now, I have fonts missing and other little things. Who knows when it might give me trouble again? So I do believe I deserve a new laptop based on the promise. That’s my expectation to the Universe. I’ll let you know WHEN I get it! ?

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