Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

I don’t normally get political in this blog. It’s for self-empowerment, not politics. But, right now, I feel less empowered as a U.S. citizen who wants her vote to count equally and don’t see an answer.

I voted in my primary, as did millions of my fellow Americans. Many people have strong feelings about their choices. I’ve always been taught that we have a democratic process to elect the nominee for the party we support. But now it feels like that’s not true.

It looks like the Super Delegates are the ones who might pick the Democratic nominee. I feel cheated!

I’m a loyal American. I pay my taxes and try to vote. And I believed we live in a country of equality, and fair voting practices. But I STRONGLY question who these Super Delegates are and why they exist. Didn’t we vote in our primaries? Wasn’t the voice, and the will of the people spoken in election results?

Yet this small group of Super Delegates may decide the candidate for all of us. I’m sorry to use this kind of language, but, that sucks!

Super is a good word for them. They’re getting courted by both Obama’s and Clinton’s people. Neither of those candidates is ringing my doorbell. Chelsea Clinton isn’t calling my number. My butt doesn’t feel like it’s been kissed even once. Yet this small group of people have become the nucleus of this election, and I’m mad!

It doesn’t matter who I support. It matters who THEY want. I’ve seen arrogant people being interviewed about how much the candidates are sucking up to them, trying to win their votes. What about MY vote? Or YOURS? People we’ve never heard of are becoming pseudo-celebrities for a short time till the Democratic convention. Who are they? Why are they better than you or me?? What gives them the right to have so much self-importance?

Why should one of the Super Delegate’s votes matter many thousands of times more than mine?

There’s enough politicking going on, without this added Super Delegate factor. There’s Reverend Jeremiah Wright making it hard for Obama. Florida and Michigan votes may not count. This election is becoming a lot more than just people voting in a primary and having the candidate with the most votes win. I’ve met Hillary and hope to meet Obama one day. They both seem like decent people and loyal Americans. I want them to court me for my vote too!

If anyone from the Democratic party is looking for a volunteer to be a Super Delegate, here I am! I’d love to get all the perks. Come treat me more special than you treat other voters! Kiss my butt. Take me to lunch. Give me gifts. Make me much more important than most other Americans. That’s what’s happening to the Super Delegates, so I wanna be one!

All joking aside, the candidate that carried each state should get the votes they won. All American should feel equally empowered. Isn’t that the democracy our country stands for?

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