I’ll continue my Aging with Joy week with a guest blogger—Karen Lynch, who writes a blog called Live the Power. Karen recently had a birthday and I loved what she wrote about feeling good about getting older. I’m delighted to reprint this article from an earlier post on her blog.

The Age Myth
By Karen Lynch

The face of a beautiful new actress in Hollywood looks out at me from the photograph. Her smile lights up the computer screen and I find myself smiling back at her sweet face. She is destined to be a star. In my eyes she already is a Star.

Mae Laborde is 97 years young. She started her acting career just 4 years ago. She was 93 years old when she earned her screen actors guild card. At 4’10” with her snow-white hair and expressive smile, she is the vision of the Grandma we all long for. On a recent MaDtv episode she played Vanna White of “Wheel of Fortune” fame albeit projected 40 years into the future. She has appeared in a few commercials and she recently landed a small role in an upcoming movie starring Ben Stiller.

You can see her beautiful face and read more about her here. ?No Fading Star? Keep your eyes out for Mae Laborde. She is a star!

And another inspiration……

Many writers start writing at a young age. Carson McCullers wrote, “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” at age 23. The other day I read a short bio of a fiction writer who claimed to have always known that she was meant to write and she actually wrote her first book at age 5 (she didn’t mention if that one was ever published, but of course she has been published many times since!). Oftentimes I read these stories and I feel intimidated. But today I read a story about an author that inspired me.

Harry Bernstein began his writing career at age 93. At age 93 after losing his beloved wife and in the midst of reeling with the memories of his long life, Harry began to write as a form of therapy. Apparently the therapy paid off handsomely because his first published book “The Invisible Wall: A Love Story that Broke Barriers” came out in 2007, his 96th year, on March 20. It is reputed to be a touching memoir of the Anti-Semitism he experienced in his childhood. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Harry also claims that since he has this book-writing thing down he now has plans to write a few more. His second book entitled “The Dream” is almost finished and a publisher has already signed on.? For more on Harry’s story see? It’s Never Too Late.

It’s never too late to follow your dreams. These two inspiring individuals are incredible examples of the fact that being “too old” is just a myth.

Keep your Dreams alive. You are never too old!

Live the Power

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