Have you felt envy toward someone? Come on, admit it! We all sometimes yearn to have what someone else does. Did you wonder why he has so much luck? Or wish she’d fall on her face since it isn’t fair for someone else to get so much when you have none of it?? That’s a normal reaction. But those thoughts make you a prisoner. Each is a bar that holds you back from getting what you say you want.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”

Your thoughts manifest your reality. If it’s possible to get something and you think you can, you can. If you spend your thoughts on:

All the reasons you can’t—then you wont be able to.
Wishing you had what others do—prepare to live in a state of wishing.
Making excuses or blaming situations for what you don’t have—enjoy being a victim of your thoughts!

I used to do all of the above in my DoorMat days. I thought nothing would go right for me and nothing did. My thoughts were dismal:

I can never find the right people to help me.
Why, oh why, don’t I have the guy or the job or the anything else someone had.
Thinner girls got more than me.
Woe is me, I’ll never be happy.

Yada, yada yada! Thoughts can keep you stuck or you can force yourself to change them and use them to unlock doors. Unless you like being a victim. That gives you more time to vege at the TV or online and gain weight that can later be used to fulfill expectations that victimhood creates in your thoughts. Those thoughts are the real evil doers. I quickly say a positive affirmation when one comes to mind.

“I can do anything I choose to do.”
“I’m as happy as I make myself.”
“I refuse to let evil doer thoughts hold me back!”

Most people can’t have 2 thoughts at the same time. So block out the evil doers with something better until you break the habit of thinking victim thoughts. You can conquer those thoughts by consciously choosing to. It’s fun to watch how much you can get when you do. Now I control my mind, instead of letting it keep me in prison. Freedom in thinking allows you the opportunity to follow your passions! Then you have to do the work to manifest them. This former DoorMat is living that life now and it rocks!

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