All the entertainment TV shows, tabloids, blogs, etc. show that people are interested in celebrities. Many live vicariously through what they see as charmed lives or seek to emulate their style and behavior. Growing up, I read teen magazines, had crushes on guys whose records I bought or who I watched on TV or in movies. But it wasn’t close to the obsessions many people have with the rich and famous today. The media makes it more accessible to fans who lap it up.

Pay attention to the celebs that many of us live vicariously through, enviously wishing to have what they do. Do you think with all her money, sometimes tight body, fame, etc., that Britney Spears is happy? Partying too hard, shaving her head, erratic behavior, and cutting off most of her close peeps is indicative of an unhappy and troubled person. Her performance at the MTV awards was supposed to be her big comeback. Instead, Brit has become the poster child for what girls should NOT become!

Lindsay Lohan is paying her dues for all this so-called glamorous lifestyle. The jury is still out on whether or not she’ll get it together when she returns to real life. She always seems repentant when she goes to rehab. This time she’s in for longer, and reunited with her dad. She’s young and talented and I hope she does get it together. But, she’s certainly no role model for young girls.

Paris has always had a need to party and live a “Look at me” lifestyle. Maybe her time in jail did wake her and she’ll continue to use her name to help people. I hope so! She’s blessed to have a supportive family. I think Paris has lots of special, untapped energy and an ability to rise above her less than stellar exploits. It’s no crime to party, as long as there’s balance. Nicole Ritchie seems to have also made some changes I her attitude now that a baby is on the way. But role models? Hmmm..

Money and good looks—or the good lucks money can buy—can make us wish to have what these celebs have. Or to be them.

Yet having unlimited funds can make them take money and what it buys for granted. That leaves you wanting more. And having good looks—male or female—can make a celeb feel even more invincible. When Lindsay hijacked a car during her last escapade, one of the guys said she told him nothing would happen to her because she’s a celebrity. That sense of entitlement—a belief that special treatment will be given—drives these celebs to self-destruct even more.

Do you still envy them?

How about Owen Wilson? He dates the likes of Kate Hudson and other Hollywood starlets, is considered an A-list movie star and must have lots of money. We expect poor, lonely people to try to commit suicide, not those who have what seems like the ideal. Drugs and alcohol are toys of the rich and famous. But they’re no good. And they’re often used when someone isn’t happy. It’s hard to believe that someone who seems like a golden person needs them mask depression. How can Owen be depressed many ask? Remember, all those things don’t make someone happy if they’re not happy on their own.

Instead of living charmed lives, many celebrities illustrate that money, fashion, great looks and hard abs don’t bring happiness if you don’t have it already.

Being happy is most important and it doesn’t take what celebrities have to feeling content and have lots to smile about. Stay tuned and I’ll give you my take on many of the exploits of the seemingly golden people so you can appreciate your own life more. This blog will help enlighten you to how you can make yourself happier and more confident, with specific tips and insights. Often you just need a little kick in the butt to wake up to the blessings of who you are right now. Consider yourself kicked! ?

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