In a time when more people are leaving the Church, Fathom Events is inviting them back to experience “the miracle of the Eucharist” beginning Tuesday, June 18.

Executive produced by Deacon Steve Greco of Spirit Filled HeartsJesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist has already become Fathom Events’ highest-grossing documentary of 2024.

In an exclusive interview provided to about its second-most-popular documentary overall, Deacon Greco shares the film will be featured for a special extended re-release until the end of June.

“[The documentary’s popularity] means people are seeking and wanting to know who God is,” said Greco. “This is an extraordinary grace that opens up a huge opportunity for people around the United States who missed it the first time and for those who saw and know its power to return to theaters and bring those in desperate need of a message of God’s love.”

Fathom Events appoints encores and re-releases based on box office sales. Greco shared an outpouring of correspondence from fans, and faith-based moviegoers helped create interest as well.

In its release, Jesus Thirsts earned $2.1 million over a three-day release. Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events, said that while the Catholic-inspired documentary’s success is thrilling, it’s no surprise.

“Deacon Steve Greco of Spirit Filled Hearts along with Jim Wahlberg and Tim Moriarty have been great partners and they made a powerful, informative Catholic documentary. We’re excited to be adding more dates to this run so that more people can experience the miracle of the Eucharist,” he said.

Q&A with Deacon Steve Greco

Jesus Thirsts Film presents "The Miracle of the Eucharist"
Fathom Events is bringing “Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist” to select theaters through the end of June. (Image credit: Spirit Filled Hearts and Fathom Events) asked Executive Producer Deacon Steve Greco about Jesus Thirsts, the film’s dynamic content that led to the encore and bonus feature after the movie, and its connection to the nation’s Eucharistic Revival.

Q: Although “Jesus Thirsts” is a walk inside a Catholic sacrament of holy proportions, how is this open to people of other Christian denominations? What do you believe they will gain from this?

A: Catholicism has been misconstrued by its own and other denominations. This movie is a walk inside the Catholic sacrament of Love—the Holy Eucharist, which flows from God’s promise to remain with us always until the end of time.

This is eye-opening for many in the Catholic Church, as well as our Christian brothers and sisters in other denominations. This film has truly become a cinematic catechesis on the Eucharist. This movie is a ‘come and see’ invitation for anyone who seeks truth and more knowledge of the Catholic faith.

Q: What inspired you to make this compelling film?

A: This film was born from a movement called Jesus Thirsts for America where the Lord showed me that coming out of so much isolation of COVID and virtual evangelization, we had to once again meet people in person and reclaim our churches as sacred places of true devotion.

We were having these powerful one-day tours throughout America when the idea of an actual movie emerged. The film also became an answer to the U.S. bishops’ mandate for Eucharistic revival.

The Church is suffering in devotion and practice, and our movie jumps out of the pew into the culture with a film to help people understand the Biblical roots of Mass, the science behind Eucharistic miracles, and real stories of how people become transformed by the Eucharist. That conversation was a little over a year ago, and here we are with a film that can’t be stopped. It’s God’s movie!

Q: Given the international reach of this film’s locations and the Catholic Church, what has been the global response to Jesus Thirsts?

A: The global response has been incredible. We’ve heard from Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe and various Asian countries desperate for our film. We have an intentional plan to release Jesus Thirsts with Eduardo Verástegui (“Pablo” from Sound of Freedom), who appears in the film and is an Executive Producer

Deacon Steve Greco, EP of Jesus Thirsts
Deacon Steve Greco, EP of Jesus Thirsts (Image credit: Fathom Events/Spirit Filled Hearts)

[With Eduardo], we plan to bring the film to Mexico amid a shift to secularism and away from the heart of its deep history of devotion centered around Our Lady of Guadalupe and Jesus. We are raising money to do this and hope that generous benefactors will come forward so that this movie can have a global impact.

Q: Is the “bonus feature” from Knights of Columbus a post-credit scene or more like a short movie? If so, why the tandem?

A: Our Lady of Guadalupe: Woman of the Eucharist was produced by the Knights of Columbus as a bonus feature to play after our main feature documentary. Fathom Events is unique in the way it provides added value time for filmmakers to continue the conversation on a niche subject.

The short film perfectly showcased how the Mother of the Eucharist carries Jesus to all humanity. The Knights of Columbus have a rich history as a fraternity that supports the mission of the Church; its very life comes from the Eucharist. They have been wonderful partners and share our mission to advance Eucharistic revival here and around the world.

Seeing the Miracle of the Eucharist

The Holy Eucharist on display for the people of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
The Holy Eucharist on display for the people of Minas Gerais, Brazil. (Image credit: Comunidade Javé Nissi via Pexels)

Jesus Thirsts may have more in store. Greco shared that Pope Francis and the Vatican have not yet viewed the documentary, but due to a hopeful connection and the palpable Eucharistic adoration, Rome could be calling soon.

Greco told that the gripping documentary will be released on DVD and digitally following a global release after June’s extended U.S. presentation—particularly to the rest of North America.

As you can see in the movie, such a global universality is depicted, and we want to bring the film to all the territories captured in the film and beyond. Once we have our international release, we will announce DVD and digital plans. We know this movie is timeless and will impact generations to come.

Fathom Events will be showing the film throughout the month. For information on movie locations near you, visit jesusthirstsfilm/theaters.

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