In the new film “Sight,” releasing this week from Angel Studios and starring Terry Chen and Greg Kinnear, the incredible life of Dr. Ming Wang is front and center. Wang, who grew up in poverty in China, fled the country when his family faced persecution and immigrated to America, where he excelled as a medical professional.

‘Sight’ stars Terry Chen and Greg Kinnear. Image courtesy of Angel Studios.

Dr. Wang, who was an atheist throughout his young life, was confronted with what he says was irrefutable proof of God while he was studying the intricacies of the human eye. The account of his conversion even inspired the film “God’s Not Dead.”

“I realized that my atheist worldview was in trouble because it could not explain how such a complicated structure as the human eye could form nearly flawlessly most of the time,” he said. “I kept on asking a professor how I could not explain the complexity of the human eye. He finally took me out to lunch one day. He said, ‘What’s across the street?’ I said, ‘That’s a car.’ He said, ‘What’s the difference between a car and a human eye?’ I said, ‘The human eye is no more complicated.’ He said, ‘Okay, can you imagine the power of a random piece of metal assembling itself into a car?’ I said, ‘No way.’ He said, ‘How about the human eye?’”

At that moment, Wang was confronted with the idea of intelligent design, propelling him on his journey to faith, which he documents in his book, “From Darkness to Sight,” which in turn inspired the new film. Along with his journey from China, the film focuses on a groundbreaking new treatment for blindness. The discovery, he said, was a result of being guided both by science and his faith in Jesus Christ.

“Science gives you the tools, but faith in Christ gives you a sense of purpose,” he said.

When confronted with a young blind Indian girl, Kaja, Dr. Wang made the connection that an unborn child doesn’t scar, because it’s wrapped in an amniotic membrane. Guided by a desire to preserve life, Dr. Wang used amniotic membranes in placentas of mothers who gave birth.

“When I put this amniotic membrane contact lens onto injured eyes, magic indeed happened, scars are much reduced and sight is improved,” he said.

The groundbreaking treatment, which has given millions of patients back their eyesight, is credited to Dr. Wang, who gave the patent away so everyone could benefit.

“The amniotic membrane contact lens is a multibillion-dollar industry worldwide, 4 to 5 billion and it’s used by eye doctors from nearly every nation and millions of patients have had eyesight improved or restored,” he said. “So, you know, it shows that God wants science and faith to work together.”

Dr. Ming Wang’s image courtesy of Dr. Wang.

Terry Chen, who has been seen in films such as “Almost Famous,” “The Chronicles of Riddick,” “The A-Team” and “Elysium,” stars as Dr. Wang in “Sight.” He credits the “engaging” script from director Andrew Hyatt and research on Dr. Wang that drew him to the role.

“It was just such a privilege has been such an honor to go through this journey with this incredible human being who’s helped millions of people around the world regain their sight,” he said. “I’m just incredibly honored.”

Chen added that he hopes the film with spark conversations and community as families see it together.

“When you’re sitting in a big room with hundreds of people around watching an inspiring story, I think it’s something that is important to share with your family, and hopefully audiences will go home and have conversations,” he said. “It’s got such an important message.”

Dr. Wang hopes the inspirational elements of the film will unite audiences that tend to be more divided currently.

“I feel that we’re living in a very different world today, a world that is so polarized, and people are increasingly unable to work together, that whether internationally or domestically across political hours, racial divides, and ethnic, ethnic divisions,” he said. “So it might just take a story of an immigrant who used to not have freedom to remind all of us here in America how precious freedom is, and how much we need to work together again, overcome our polarization, find the common ground, we can love each other.”

“Sight” is currently playing in theaters. For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

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