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When I wrote earlier on the Stalinist erasure of John McWhorter’s interview with biochemist Michael Behe on, I began by saying, “Wow.” I will say that again: “Wow.” Why wow? Because Bloggingheads editor-in-chief Robert Wright was, as I’d suspected, […]

In the thread on Robert Novak’s death, a reader, Range Rover, leaves this heart-breaking comment on the theme of conversion to other faiths: There is another reason Jews convert to other religions: There is for some of us an emptiness […]

Wow. This is positively Stalinist. Robert Wright’s has abruptly removed an interview it put up hours before in which linguist Dr. John McWhorter talks with biochemist Dr. Michael Behe about Behe’s The Edge of Evolution. It’s a fascinating exchange. […]

Following up on yesterday’s post, here’s an example of why maybe it’s forgivable that Jews reading the Hebrew Bible and its traditional commentators and elucidations could be forgiven for wondering if God at times in fact takes on at least […]

Last night as I was warming up dinner I was listening as usual to Coast to Coast AM with its millions of listeners and I was wondering, why does experience of paranormal activity only seem to happen to people with […]

In an earlier post on the top 10 misunderstandings about Judaism — I called them “lies,” though admittedly that was intended as a bit of a provocation — I mentioned that the chief Jewish objection to Christianity shouldn’t be, as […]

That’s better. A while back I noted that I’d lost patience with sock puppetry in the comments threads here. In case you notice anything missing, I just took a moment and cleared out all the comments from our main sock […]

Now those crazed “birthers” are demanding to know if President Obama is circumcised, by way of establishing his country of origin! Can you believe the chutzpah? The excellent Tablet web magazine points this out. What sane and decent American would […]

I was in Tully’s for coffee today and had a book with Hebrew in it with me. Along with my kippah, this caught the eye of a very sweet lady with long grey hair and a big t-shirt boldly printed […]

Isn’t it funny how according to the stereotype, it’s us on the Right side of the political spectrum who are supposed to be the Bible-thumping pourers of fire and brimstone down upon the heads of our political opposites — yet […]