It is, of course, the comparison that only this blog would dare to make. But isn’t it obvious? Messianic Jews, of whom we spoke in the previous entry, think you can coherently believe in Jesus and Judaism. Theistic evolutionists think you can coherently believe that evolution was driven by random events and that it was guided by God. Both are convenient delusions that give believers the comforting feeling that they don’t have to choose between logically exclusive alternatives.

Joe Carter at the First Things blog also smartly points out a parallel between theistic evolution and Biblical literalist creationism, that dreaded menace. Both are committed to the view that God disguises his work as something else to fool us, with the possible purpose of testing our faith:

[Francis] Collins’ view of God making evolution appear undirected is similar to [creationism’s] idea that he planted dinosaur fossils and created geological strata to fool us into thinking the earth has been around more than 6,000 years. Creationists have to interpret the evidence to fit their theological preconceptions; Collins has to interpret the evidence to fit his theoretical preconceptions.

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