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Let the world meditate for a moment on this picture: What an amazing country we are. We aren’t even up to the peaceful transfer of power moment. That is something extraordinary in its own right – something beyond extraordinary really. …Read More

One of the reasons I’ve not blogged much (understatement) for the past several months is that I’ve been rather busy and preoccupied on a business project. The project is a new online magazine and community focusing on American culture – …Read More

Note – Most of my blogging now occurs at a new media company. My blog is here. John McCain had a good night at Rick Warren’s forum on faith and character and so on. Barack Obama had a better …Read More

I’m trying to find anger or bitterness or shock at all that John Edwards did and didn’t do and said he did and said he didn’t do. There is, of course, sadness – sadness for all those people who worked …Read More

John McCain’s band of white advisers had best take a stroll down the lane of African-American oratorical history before they launch their next anti-Obama missive. [This is not to suggest that there is anything racial about McCain’s ad. I’m sure …Read More

How different are they? Really? James Dobson and Barack Obama? On the face of it there is little, save their shared humanity, that seems to unite the two men. From their skin color to their positions on abortion, gay marriage, …Read More

Even though I’m a Mac guy, here’s a Windows take on Barack Obama. He is the ‘ctrl-alt-del’ candidate. He is the guy people are looking to restart, reboot, Washington DC and all that it has come to symbolize. It is …Read More

This is not a time to get weepy or maudlin about Sen. Kennedy. He really has just begun to fight. I know what I’m talking about. Five years ago, in the earliest hours of Palm Sunday morning, a doctor informed …Read More

I just watched 90 minutes of election coverage on CNN… 90 minutes that can best be summarized as 90 minutes of evidence that Sen. Obama’s brilliant race speech needs to revisited. Because for 90 minutes the entire subtext of the …Read More

Whoever would have guessed it? The permanent Republican majority lives. For a few years now it has been a joke – Rove and Mehlman talking about a Republican movement so strong that the Democrats simply couldn’t take it down. But …Read More