I am not even sure that I know how to do a link anymore. I’m giving it a shot though so, three readers, please forgive me if I mess this up.
So Rod Dreher’s sister is battling cancer. It is nasty. Their faith is extraordinary. Here’s his latest post (I think)
There are 8 comments on it.
As I scrolled down on his blog I noticed he had another post about buying wine in Pennsylvania. I don’t think he enjoys it.

There are 85 comments on it.
That’s a stomping.
Does it mean anything? Maybe not. Rod’s been documenting his sister’s battle with cancer for a couple weeks now. The response has been beautiful.
But still…. 85-8?
It is kind of akin to rearranging the chairs on the Titanic isn’t it? Facing mortality should be a required course for us all… life is better if we live with the reality of our own deaths at the front of our mind.
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