For the past year I’ve been working with friends to help them put together a new website. It is called and it is a good place to go. I encourage you to make it part of your browsing. But it is a site that is more clinical than personal – a site of the mind, not of the heart. That is good and needed and necessary. But it doesn’t give me a chance to speak to the stuff that matters – the eternal stuff, the stuff of the God.
And so, though I am CEO of the other site, I return to writing here because I have missed it and the community it once was.

It may well be that I am writing into a reader-less blog at this point. We’ll soon see I suppose. If that is the case then I maybe a new community will eventually form.
A friend wrote to me today, a very conservative friend, and asked if we were going to be alright after the election. I wrote something last night that is what I still think today. I wrote that all Americans should be proud at this moment. A nation that was conceived without recognizing African-Americans as people has now elected a black president. That should make everyone proud.
The thing I didn’t write last night but wanted to say today is this – he is just the president. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. He isn’t pope. He isn’t a priest or a pastor. He is our bureaucrat-in-chief. He is a part of our country, he isn’t our country.
These are distinctions with significant differences. The state of our country will not be determined by our president. It will be determined by each of us.
So are we ok? Let’s look in the mirror.
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