One of the reasons I’ve not blogged much (understatement) for the past several months is that I’ve been rather busy and preoccupied on a business project. The project is a new online magazine and community focusing on American culture – everything from pop culture to politics and fashion to family.
It is called Culture11 and you can find it at
There are many stories to tell about its creation, its name, and my participation but I encourage you to take a few minutes and check it out.

Our hope is that you will find some irresistibly interesting perspectives on life in America from some of the country’s most dynamic voices. We aim to be an online destination that has the editorial excellence of a great magazine, the thrill of a terrific conversation, and the comfort of a supportive community all rolled into one.
We’re still in the beta stage and working out a few bugs so we could use your input. We’re also launching very quietly – no big press releases or press conferences, no claims that we are going to change the world. We just want to build something that can be an everyday part of life.
Two more things. I am going to keep JWalking here at Beliefnet. I love this company and this little community. At the same time, I will be blogging at Culture11 with a friend of mine named Joe Carter. He is our managing editor and we will call our blog Kuo & Joe. I know, massively original. I hope you will check that out as well my blog here.
Let me know what you think about any and all of this… my new email is
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