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How different are they? Really? James Dobson and Barack Obama? On the face of it there is little, save their shared humanity, that seems to unite the two men. From their skin color to their positions on abortion, gay marriage, …Read More

Dear Readers– Due to a planned technical upgrade taking place on Wednesday June 11th, the Beliefnet Blogs will not display any new content, and commenting will be disabled. We aim to be back up and running by the end of …Read More

Even though I’m a Mac guy, here’s a Windows take on Barack Obama. He is the ‘ctrl-alt-del’ candidate. He is the guy people are looking to restart, reboot, Washington DC and all that it has come to symbolize. It is …Read More

I understand – in a small way – what it is like to come out of the closet. I say that because I feel like I have to continually come out of the closet and say, “Hey, wait, I’m a …Read More