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This is not a time to get weepy or maudlin about Sen. Kennedy. He really has just begun to fight. I know what I’m talking about. Five years ago, in the earliest hours of Palm Sunday morning, a doctor informed …Read More

And now there is our friend Peter Ahlstrom: I’ve read your blog daily for about a year, and occasionally commented. Tempting Faith got me started. You caught my interest with your stand on helping the poor, and on fasting from …Read More

I remember watching the Superfriends on Saturday mornings – back when Saturday mornings were good TV. Aquaman was always my favorite… still is… here is our own Aquaman, Matt: I’m a 34-year old corporate lawyer, married to my college sweetheart …Read More

Tonight my father called a cousin in Chengdu who, we discovered with relief, is fine. His reports about the incredible destruction at the earthquake’s epicenter were anything but comforting. So mangled are the roads that getting there with any help …Read More

Canucklehead sent me his story but given his generally surly attitude I am tempted not to post it. Alas the invitation was for everyone, even… him. Hi all! I’m Canucklehead (aka Tim). I’ve spent most of my life in western …Read More

This is a blast. Here is Doug Pascover’s story: From the ages of 10 months old until 7 years, my family lived on the South side of Chicago so the White Sox were my first religion. I became a Christian …Read More

We have all come to love and appreciate Thinker. Now, a bit more about her: Thinker here. I went from nursing to teaching theology….figure. However, I teach in “Catholic” school so the community and administration are one. Not much in …Read More

Brian Horan has been walking with us for a while now. Here’s a bit about him and the bonus pic too. Thanks Brian. I am 33 and am changing careers from public school teaching to nursing. The politics of public …Read More

I just watched 90 minutes of election coverage on CNN… 90 minutes that can best be summarized as 90 minutes of evidence that Sen. Obama’s brilliant race speech needs to revisited. Because for 90 minutes the entire subtext of the …Read More

For the past 18 months or so we’ve developed this community called J-Walking. The very best part of this for me has been getting to know many of you… even you canuckle. 😉 Everyone has gotten to know a lot …Read More