J Walking

If this had come on 4/1 I could have understood it as an April Fool’s joke. But apparently it is serious. Based on Apple’s unbelievable success with its retail stores, Microsoft is going to be launching a branded store of its own. Yes, a place where you can buy your very own Zune and Microsoft mice and software. Be still my beating heart.

A full catalogue of Microsoft only products will allegedly be stocked in these stores ranging from PC peripherals such as mice and webcams to its Zune MP3 player line, Xbox 360 games console, Windows Mobile based handsets and core software offerings.
Rather ominously, Microsoft is also likely to install a ‘Genius Bar’ equivalent where customers can take their questions and technical problems, though I’d suggest it better be far bigger since the queue to it will be longer than those seen outside most international embassies.

Perchance Microsoft should consider that the reason the Apple stores have been successful has been because of the rather successful products that it offers – ipods, iphones, macbooks, etc. I’m feeling sorry for Microsoft.

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