J Walking

For these past days as my fellow bloggers and I have gone through Uganda, I have gained a new appreciation for the Gospels.
Read Carlos and Shaun and Anne and Randy and my other friends and see their different and beautiful takes on what we’ve seen. In reading it understand that we have all seen the same things, been to the same places. And our stories all just a little bit different.
This has lead me to think a lot about four different writers – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It has also given me a new appreciation for their different and similar stories.
Many look at the Gospel accounts and the contradictions that are there – different accounts of similar stories… most notably on resurrection Sunday – and use them as evidence that they must be false or unreliable.
There is a far simpler explanation – different lenses and perspectives on the same incredible, moving, awesome, incomprehensible events… sort of like our little group here in Uganda.

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