J Walking

Today, NIH, MRI. There’s a new policy in place there that requires a blood test before the MRI. So I went there late – I run late – got in line and was told to go to booth 13. I poked my head in the booth, didn’t see anyone but decided to plop down in the chair and await the day’s first needle.
I sat and looked around and there, right in front of me I saw:
Now maybe my Uganda visit has simply made me more aware of things Ugandan. I mean maybe it is sort of like buying a new car and suddenly noticing that there are a lot of other cars like yours on the road. Or maybe it is like having a baby. Suddenly you notice there are lots of other babies around. I mean maybe I have just been ignoring all the embroidered rawhide Ugandan maps that have been in plain sight all this time.
And maybe it is just some weird coincidence that I ended up in this particular booth on this particular day in that hospital waiting to get an MRI for my brain. Nothing about that map on that wall suspends the laws of nature or anything. It isn’t a miracle.
But maybe it is something more. I really don’t know though. I don’t know what the something more is. Does it mean I should make Ugandan maps? Invest in them? Does it mean I should move to Uganda? Does it mean I shouldn’t forget Uganda? Was it God simply smiling at me and saying, “Hey, I see you there, don’t sweat it?” What was it?

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