J Walking

One of the great discoveries of the last 100 years is BooMama. It is true – somewhere between the first Macintosh and the bass boat is BooMama.
Who is BooMama?
What is BooMama?
Why is BooMama?
Well, one must achieve a certain level of enlightenment to answer all such questions. Indeed many who have been following her for centuries are not able to fully answer those and deeper questions like – if BooMama doesn’t approve of something that has already happened can she retroactively prevent it from happening? Most reliable literature says she cannot but that is a source of some debate.
Forthwith my BooMama cheat sheet.
BooMama is;
this is a BooMama (very different from who is boomama)
And finally, BooMama’s latest
wilderness adventure.
Enjoy and don’t say I never gave you anything for Christmas.

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