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Relevant Magazine – a Christian magazine aimed at young evangelicals – has just released a new online poll of their readers. Since this is an online poll it has to carry certain caveats, most notably it is not a scientifically representative poll. That said, it is still a fascinating look at what some young evangelicals are thinking these days.
And the thing that jumps out?
They think Jesus would vote for Barack Obama… and Mike Huckabee:

Who would Jesus vote for?
Barack Obama 28.7%
Dennis Kucinich 2.8%
Mike Gravel 0.2%
John Edwards 4.7%
Joe Biden 1.4%
Hillary Clinton 1.8%
Mike Huckabee 24.2%
Rudy Giuliani 4.3%
Fred Thompson 6.0%
Ron Paul 15.6%
Mitt Romney 3.7%
John McCain 6.6%

Of further note:

1. Who do you think was a better president?
Bill Clinton 55.4%
George W. Bush 44.7%
2. Which of these issues do you feel is most important for presidential policy?
Abortion 23.1%
Gay rights 3.7%
Church and state issues 14.3%
Bioethics 18.5%
Illegal immigration 40.4%
3. Which of these issues do you feel is least important for presidential policy?
Abortion 11.5%
Gay rights 35.7%
Church and state issues 26.6%
Bioethics 15.5%
Illegal immigration 10.7%

Again, these results are derived from thousands of Relevant’s online readers – a group comprised largely of under-25 evangelicals.
Relevant’s founder and publisher Cameron Strang had this to say about the poll: “The readers poll confirmed things we’ve been hearing for quite some time. Young Christians simply don’t seem to feel a connection to the traditional religious right. Many differ strongly on domestic policy issues, namely issues that affect the poor, and are dissatisfied with America’s foreign policy and war.”
The old religious right is dead. The new one is being formed. If young evangelcials have anything to say about it chances are high it will not look a lot like the old one.

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