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My lighthearted random Friday question has elicited some very thoughtful (as all J-Walking comments always are) responses. I’m putting up this one because I am interested in all thoughtful responses:

There is no heaven, and there is no hell in eternity. Duality collapses into a point. All beginnings and all ending meet in eternity. Every possibility that can be expressed by God is here, just as every possible variant of a fractal resides latent in the equation that is its sole basis.
The question, while fanciful and light-hearted, is devoid of meaning. It would be like asking, What does blue taste like?
Heaven is its own end, the place where the Presence of God is too intense to withstand, and yet It is. It is becoming so close to God, that the distance becomes zero, and then there is only God. Hell ceases when the dross that is clung to by the ego, the false self, is burnt away, again leaving only the Divine Presence, as even the last vestiges of ego are consumed.
And so, there is no heaven or hell in eternity, only God as it is in itself. Of course, that Presence is here and now, just as eternity is an abiding present. Our ideas are bounded by being temporal forms, experiencing time, and so the irony that God is fully present now is not perceived, but occasionally as through a glass darkly we have moments of silence that thunder through us, displacing form and collapsing our subjective sense of time.

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