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If one needed any further proof of the message American sports sends to kids consider this – the man who was fined more than any other coach in NFL history for cheating has been chosen coach of the year by NFL sportswriters.
There is no denying the Patriots greatness. 16-0 is incredible. It is too bad it is truly 16-0*.
Why the *? Is it because of Tom Brady? No. Randy Moss the cause for the *? Is it Junior Seau or Teddy Bruschi? No. It is Bill Belichick, the coach, who was so heavily reprimanded for cheating by the league offices.
Let Tom Brady win the MVP… or let it be Randy Moss. But do not reward the man who masterminded the Patriots cheating by calling him coach of the year. If anything he is the opposite. He is the man who lead the cheating. He is the guy who actually undercut his players by cheating. They didn’t need his help. He does not deserve to be called coach of the year.
And those sportswriters who voted for him? Shame on you. How do parents explain this one to their children? “You shouldn’t cheat little Susie, because if you do you might win coach of the year?”

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