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It is a sign of the times. A huge Victoria’s Secret store in Manhattan will be leveled and a new Apple store will take its place.

The location at 1981 Broadway on the northwest corner of West 67th Street currently hosts a Victoria Secret store, but Apple is planning to tear it down entirely and build from scratch a high-profile hot spot that’s more to its liking, the paper said.
Since the electronics maker “loves glass, rectangles and cubes,” the Post speculates that the 8,500 foot, slightly irregular plot could end up supporting a classy glass structure somewhat smaller than the current 23,997-square-foot, three level lingerie shop when all is said and done.
The land is reportedly owned by the Brandt Organization, whose brothers previously tore down the building that housed the Cineplex Odeon Regency Theater and other neighborhood staples in order to put up the current white box for Victoria’s Secret.
“The sexy lingerie retailer’s parent, Limited Brands, has been trying to sublease the space for some time,” the Post said…”

I guess we have become a lingerie-saturated society – Victoria’s Secret it is on the way out. But Apple? Ahhh, the cult of Apple continues to grow bigger and bigger and bigger. Forget Romney and his Mormonism, imagine what people will say when Steve Jobs runs for president and proclaims he worships only at the church of Apple, Inc.

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