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Huge news. Here’s a story bigger than the impact Huckabee/Romney have had in the past month. It is the story of someone living out their faith. It is the story of “the Eggman”:

Thanksgiving nearly two decades ago. He looked himself in the mirror. People volunteer to feed the homeless by the hundreds on Thanksgiving Day, he thought, but what happens Friday and Saturday and Sunday?
He decided right then, he would gift this world some good every week.
Jay Hamburger opened his front door with a smile, wearing a white paperboy cap, white corduroy shorts and a white long-sleeve shirt. He’s blond, and circular glasses frame his light hazel eyes.

Best quote though, is this one:

“When I look at my vestments,” he said, “it reminds me that I’m not on this earth to be a photographer or an entrepreneur. I’m on this earth to serve, and for me it’s a way to say I’m going to show respect to the people who get the least respect.”

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