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Evangelicals are being seduced back into the GOP not by a politician, but by a pastor. Spiritually speaking, they should resist. At the moment President Bush ascended to reelection in 2004, Christian conservatives had attained political power almost unequaled in …Read More

What are the best political songs?My wife’s favorite is Famine by Sinead O’Connor.U2’s Bad is another strong entry. Then there is this:What think you?

See The Great Debaters. While acknowledging I have very simple tastes in film and am easily amused, I also submit that it is a beautiful and moving film. I recall hearing a critic once say that the most popular flims …Read More

I’ve been enjoying some time away from computers and email. Sometimes it is good just to shut the stuff down. But with 2007 closing and 2008 dawning, I’m excited to be back.

In the early summer of 1989, on a humid night, as China erupted on the other side of the world, in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, I sat with several hundred other people, eating peppermint stick ice cream, listening …Read More

Our friend Roxanne now lives in Uganda working among the poor and hurting. No one saw it coming. She had a safe job at a prestigious Washington association. She had friends and went to a nice, safe church. But then …Read More

Ahhhh, YouTube:Sorry, but they don’t hold a candle to the original YouTube pair:…or this more recent duo:

When it comes to charitable giving are we more like: or: Well, apparently a bit of both: The truth is that Americans are generous when it comes to private aid, domestic or overseas. But the U.S. government is comparatively stingy …Read More

From Aquaman: The Magi left Bethlehem and return home by another route, blissfully unaware of the Slaughter of Innocents their well-intentioned actions had unleashed. Today, we bask in the glow of our Christmas celebrations, and we are too often unaware …Read More

Were the Magi the first disappointed Christmas gift givers? At the end of the day, after they had left their very expensive gifts, when they were heading home, do you suppose one of them turned and said, “You know, after …Read More