J Walking

This from Nicole:

We are learning about the “Exchanged Life” meaning Christ laid down his life for us and we are listing the benefits that come with such a love as this. One of them is that he took his sickness in exchange for our health and because of this God’s got it all covered. But the most interesting part of this is our teacher asked us if we realized that Christ never prayed for people to get well, he just spoke it. He spoke vision to the blind, walking to the lame, hearing to the deaf, life to the dead, all because he believed that much in the power of his father. How much more should we believe in his power and just speak to our illness victoriously. Speak those things…

I am confident that we really have little idea how much power there is in Jesus. The hucksters have made such a sham of Jesus’ power by faking it for their own profit when things like miracles of healing are possible. I wonder what it would take for those who follow him to believe such power really existed today. I wonder what would happen if that kind of faith was manifested, truly manifested, among his followers.

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