J Walking

Four political ads I like just for what they are (in no particular order):I like it not because I support Edwards’ health care plan but because I like the threat. I love the idea that the cozy, comfy leaders of Washington would have something at stake in the health care fight. I love the idea that they would be facing the same kind of challenges scores of millions of Americans face. And I actually think Edwards would follow through on the threat… and that the American people would respect him for it. It is the soft Rudy – the Rudy America fell in love with after 9/11. What he did in turning around New York was remarkable. Great synopsis of that.Simple point – the chief executive of the US actually needs to focus on very boring things like managing bureaucrats and the government and budgets. It helps to have done that before. Humanizes her. Brilliantly plays up empathy and compassion. Great ad.

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