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I was talking to a friend this morning about Barry Bonds and cheating and honor. He said that he had befriended John Wooden, the famed “Wizard of Westwood” – winner of 10 NCAA championships in 12 years, winner of 88 games in a row.
He pulled out a card Wooden had given him with his keys to life. Here they are:

Two Sets of 3s
Never Lie
Never Cheat
Never Steal
Don’t Whine
Don’t Complain
Don’t Make Excuses

A poem:

Four things a man must learn to do
If he would make his life more true:
To think without confusiion clearly,
To love his fellow man sincerely.
To act from honest motives purely,
To trust in God and Heaven securely.
Rev. Henry Van Dyke

And seven truths:

1. Be true to yourself.
2. Help others.
3. Make each day your masterpiece
4. Drink deeply from good books – Especially the Bible.
5. Make friendship a fine art.
6. Build shelter against a rainy day (faith in God).
7. Pray for guidance and counsel and give thanks for your blessings every day.

Good for sports, good for us too.

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