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After my time in LA I am more convinced than ever the writers strike is likely to be around for a while. Of course, given some of my past prognostications, it may be over by 2pm. So, here are 5 suggestions for things to do during the strike to draw you closer to God (in no particular order). They are very, very simple.
1. Take a sit-com length evening walk and look at the stars. I am always amazed by what I see and what I feel when I look up. There is too much ambient light around to get a great look at the stars but I am changed when I look up and remember how vast it all is and how small I am and how much God bridges the two.
2. Write a 30-minute letter to God. I’ve found some of my most intimate times with God have come when I write prayers to him or thoughts to him as if I were writing a friend or, perhaps, my Father. I also find it very hard to do – everything else seems more important… and easier.
3. Picket until Lost returns. Ooops, that isn’t quite right. I will say, however, if this strike kills Lost forever (I’ve heard some buzz) I am going to be royally ticked. I want to know where the heck these people are located and what they are doing? It is fiction? Oh yeah. I still want to know.
4. Pray from your knees for a “segment”. I don’t do this nearly enough. Heck, I don’t pray nearly enough. However, I’ve often found that the simple act of kneeling when I pray reduces the clutter in my head and helps me listen better. Most dramas have “segments” between commercials of 10 minutes or so. That is a doable amount of time.
5. Take some cookies to your neighbor…. the one you don’t like. There is this odd, odd thing that happens when I serve those I don’t like or am ambivalent about. I end up liking them. I know this is simple stuff but so much of faith is simple stuff. So bring that grumpy neighbor some cookies. And milk.
What are other options?

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