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In an earlier post I said I thought Giuliani was unraveling and: I think details of his affair with Judith Nathan while he was mayor will emerge and a lot of Republicans will begin to wonder how, exactly, his behavior …Read More

Rudy has had a bad, bad week. There was the story alleging misuse of expenses while he was mayor. There was the unfortunate exchange with Romney to begin the debate. There was the campaign’s rather week rebuttal to the Politico …Read More

Today’s NYT reports that food banks are low on food: Food banks around the country are reporting critical shortages that have forced them to ration supplies, distribute staples usually reserved for disaster relief and in some instances close. “It’s one …Read More

Thanks for the great discussion about my last post on Darfur and Michael Vick. I want to start with a great and honest comment from one reader: …humans are not “of greater worth” than animals. Humans *are* animals, and we …Read More

I watched tonight’s debate a couple of times – once on TV and then once online. I reached the same conclusion in both places. Mike Huckabee is on a huge roll, Rudy Giuliani is sucking wind, and Mitt Romney sounds …Read More

Federal prosecutors have gotten disgraced NFL star Michael Vick to set aside $928,000 for the care and placement of the 54 pit bulls rescued from his horrendous dogfighting operation. That is quite a lot of money by every standard – …Read More

A group trying to help end the genocide in Darfur has just released a report on efforts by Beijing Olympics sponsors to influence China to use its close relationship with the Sudanese government to end the brutality in Darfur. Here …Read More

Yes, online Risk. If you sign up you can play against other players from around the world. Danger, danger, time suckage approaching…

A very interesting look at Romney’s rise in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina… and at Giuliani’s gradual decline: Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo writes of them: You can’t ignore the national numbers. I grant that, though I think …Read More

Today was my first day on my latest chemo cycle. It was, as the days go, fine. I got to get some rest in the afternoon and watched a couple movies… Knocked Up and Shooter. No joke. It was a …Read More