J Walking

We should dig Al Gore.
We don’t have to agree with everything he says – or anything he says for that matter – but we should give him major kudos.
The guy suffered the most vexing and difficult defeat in American presidential history. He won, he lost, he won, he lost and by and large he handled it, and the aftermath, as a statesman.
Then he went to work for a cause he was willing to devote his life to. He resisted the siren calls to run for office again and to send the message that the most important thing is to be the head of our government. Instead he set off to impact the world through our culture – through film and through appearance after appearance.
Out of it came much acclaim. I am not sure all of the acclaim was deserved. I don’t think the documentary was actually very good. Some of what is in there is almost laughable. But much of it isn’t and none of this goes to the point I’m trying to make.
We should dig Al Gore because he didn’t give up, because he persevered, because he fought (and fights) for his beliefs and in that he should be an inspiration… an inspiration with a Nobel Peace Prize.

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